Monday, November 12, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: November 12th

Oh the New York Giants!  They are so dependably undependable.  I *knew* they would find a way to blow that game at Cincinnati.  Once I had them -3.5 I said it was just a matter of time.  KNEW it was too good to be true.   The good thing here is that LOCKS of the Week still went 2-1-1.  One more point for Oregon State and it's a spectacular effort for football picks.

First of all, I am through with choosing NFL games for LOCKS of the Week.  Through!   The point spreads are so tiny anyway, and to expect any of the 32 teams to deliver on a point spread, whether as a favorite or underdog is a sucker bet this year.  For the rest of this season, I will do college games exclusively.  

I'll put it this way... in what universe do the Giants have any excuse for tanking the game at Cincinnati?  They were a great road team this year, and the Bungles don't have a spectacular offense albeit they do have one impressive wide receiver.  The Giants were not coming off a big win, nay, instead they were coming off a bruising loss to Pittsburgh.  I don't get it.  I just don't get it.   Eli Manning was a complete joke.  Elite quarterback my rear.

In an interesting sidebar, there is the running meme that teams that play Pittsburgh get so beat up they lose the next week.  Of all the teams out there, I did not think it would happen to the Giants.   The Giants were presumably the ultimate contrarian.  Yet, here we are.

I took a trip to SC this weekend and it was spectacular.  Meeting Rebecca Soni and the USC Song Girls in the same hour, I mean it does not get any better... here are some highlights.

I still don't know how I came upon the entire Song Girls squad at once like that.  Yet, there they were, taking pictures with people here and there.  They weren't planning that, but apparently some people snuck over and just asked and they were kind enough to accept so I figured, on a strangers suggestion, to give it a shot.  Thankfully, they all were open to another photo-op.  That was a pure fluke.  I guess, as they say, Heritage Hall is the place to be!

All right, on to other thoughts...

Ever hear of the bacon wrapped hot dog here in Los Angeles?   It's a renegade food, served from carts that roam the streets, possibly without a permit.   The best way to find one is to not look for one.  Having said that, you're well off if you're at any sporting event in the area, as the carts will usually seek you out.  Still, if you go to a restaurant and attempt to order a bacon wrapped hot dog from a menu, it's not the same experience, and I would gauge it's not as good a hot dog.

The ingredients are pretty cheap, the construction unorthodox, but the result is simply awesome:

People were telling me I can bargain down the price from 5 dollars to 3 or so and I made a stab at this but they were not that willing to do it, were the vendors.  Somehow I fenagled down to 4 and I feel like a real douche now for doing this.  I mean COME ON, these poor chaps are just trying to make a hot dog and I have the audacity to negotiate the price?  Once I took a bite, I realized I was a complete jerk... that hot dog was worth at least 7 bones, maybe 8.  It was *amazing!*  At many concession stands inside a stadium they'd charge you about that much for a hot dog half as good.  The next time I go out to SC for one of these, and if I find the same lady I'm forking over 8 and letting her keep it.

Imagine you were to purchase from an unauthorized food vendor and cops were on the scene and busted up everybody?   Does the buyer get arrested too??  Who would get arrested for buying a hot dog?   

It's been a whirlwind, and that was just the beginning.  After the trip to SC, I took the train to LA Live and saw the score of the A&M/Alabama game.  I could not believe it!   Of all the teams, ALABAMA is the first to lose?  I was shocked.   Almost unnerved.   

As I saw A&M maintain their lead I went to a nearby sports bar called Yardhouse and ordered two Beligan Ales with 9% alcohol... all I'm gonna say is, after the games, I had to train it back and THEN spend a good 40 minutes inside an Arby's for detox.   That beer was no joke, fellas!

Can you believe Wendy's owns 18% of Arby's?  I'm still shocked at that.

I have a bad feeling about the Steelers tonight.  You can bet the Chiefs will take their first lead in regulation this season, and they'll do it during tonight's game.  I'm not feeling confident about the Steelers tonight.

That's all from here.  Have a good one, everyone.

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