Friday, November 9, 2012

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: NFL Week 10, NCAA Week 11

An *extremely* tough week coming up on

Dave's (blam!)
LOCKS (slam!)
of the Week (clink)

More than usual, these games are going to be tough to pick.  I believe last week we went 1-3, so it's time to pick up the pieces:

First we start in Cincinnati where we seek to get the NFL pick out of the way.  The Giants are still a good team despite the loss against PIT at home last week.   In fact, with the G-Men giving only 3.5, I'd be hard pressed not to give the points on a Sunday afternoon.  With talent like the Giants, it'd be really hard for them to lose back to back games.   Unless the game got really ugly, they're a 50/50 shot to win by 4 or more.  At worst, they'd win by 3.   I'm going to say that the odds are on our side with the Giants.  NY -3.5.

Next, back to College Football.  Wow, is this a toughie.

We go to Gainesville and select a game with a team that I don't think scores too well:  Florida.  The Gators will host Louisiana Lafayette and I love LA Lafayette to cover +26.5.  

Next, to Boston College where the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame will play the Golden Eagles.  After a grueling multiple-overtime win for the Irish, I think they're due for a second letdown at Boston.   The Eagles are getting 19 points at home... that's right NINETEEN POINTS.  If you think the Irish, who can barely score 20 points a game if they're lucky, are going to win a game by more than 19, and they're not playing at home OR on a neutral site, then that shows you just how overrated Notre Dame is.  For a point spread to be that high, even against a bad team like the Eagles, shows how many Notre Dame homers have bet on the game to pump up the point spread.  I would be appalled if Notre Dame won by that much.   Boston College +19.... *easily.*

Lastly, our journey takes us to Stanford Stadium where the Cardinal host the very interesting Oregon State with their good defense.   It's going to be a close one, but I will go out on a limb and select the Beavers +4.0.  It won't be easy but there's a decent shot at Oregon State getting the outright win.  They have had big road wins before, including one at UCLA.   What's to stop them here?  They run the ball well, have a great defense, and seem to do reasonably well keeping teams from scoring touchdowns in the  Red Zone.  They've had a great year.   Oregon State +4.

To recap, NYG -3.5, LA Lafayette +26.5, BC +19 and Ore. State +4.   Enjoy all the games everyone.

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