Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: NCAA Week 12

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As promised, we are all college football picks the rest of the season and we're tackling the toughies.  Here we go:

First, in Pasadena, I understand how big a game this is for UCLA and I fully expect them to have a chance to win, but I still will take USC in a rare selection of SC ATS for our blog.  Nonetheless, I like the Trojans -3.5 on the road.  USC -3.5

Next, call me nuts, but I've been big on Louisiana Tech all year, and I like them in this one even at home against a very tough Utah State Aggies. Louisiana Tech +3

On to the two big ones!  There are now three undefeated teams in the BCS Top Ranks, and I'm taking two of them.

First, we go to Baylor where I love, LOVE the K-State Wildcats as the favorite.  K-State +13

Next, out to Oregon where the point spread seems lofty but to me, I think it's quite attainable.  Stanford struggled mightily against spread offenses with Arizona as a recent example.  Oregon is the cornerstone spread offense, or, the pinnacle of offense with the multiple receiver formation.   It's a lofty point spread, but if anyone can handle it, Oregon can handle -20.5 against Stanford.  Oregon -20.5 at home.

To recap: USC -3.5, LA Tech +3, K-State -13, and Oregon -20.5.  Enjoy this big showdown weekend everyone!

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