Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: November 28th

Day four of the flu... I'm sensing some signs of a relapse, but it's still very mild.  I feel very bloated.  It is high time I swam again... and I'm at that convergence point on the line graph between "resting to beat the flu" and "exercising to stay in shape."

It's really weird... I was already on a 1.5 week break from swimming as it was... I'm not very happy about this.   Between my general laziness and illness I have been keeping myself from swimming for a while now.   I have to pick this up, my friends.

People who swim for the Olympics, they swim no matter how sick they are.  I would love to have that work ethic.  Onward.

Anyone realize it's November?   "Oh the Knicks are great!  Oh now they're not great!  The Lakers are going down in flames!  They can't even beat Indiana at home!!?  Oh the Clippers are way better than the Lakers!  Oh... they just lost four in a row including one to the Hornets."  It's.... NOVEMBER!!

I know I've had my own share of jumping the gun but even I can't get this riled up over a single month of NBA Basketball.

Remember when Auburn won the National Championship?  Feels like decades ago now.

Nate Robinson can't dunk over a chair on YouTube.

A reliever singlehandedly takes your team right out of a playoff series in October, so what do you do?  Sign him to a 3 year extension!   Good one, Cincinnati.  (link: )

I started up with peanut butter sandwiches again.  Ah, I have forgotten the gooey goodness.   Good times on two slices of bread.

Anyone hear the one about the kid from "Two and a Half Men" denouncing his own show as "filth?"  I could have told you that!!  I could have told you the show was garbage years ago!  Perhaps, though, I'd tell you this for different reasons than the kid did.   I just don't think the show is that funny.  Iono.

Indiana is still #1 in College Basketball.   I should mention, however, it's still NOVEMBER!!

That's all for the moment.  It won't be November for much longer.  Take care for now.

Addendum:  You know what?   Maybe Nate could dunk over a chair...  just barely.  Dave OUT!

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