Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: November 6th

Can you believe I paid 6 dollars for apples?  I went to the store, got a bunch of giant apples at $1.50 a pound and then saw it on the receipt.  Six Bucks!   Good thing they're big apples.

The Volcano Taco is still going at Taco Bell.  Do the dance!  I love volcano tacos.

Happy Election Day.  Hope you don't have any trouble voting today.  

I'm still unable to grasp the concept of the iPad mini.  It's an ipad.... but smaller.   Isn't that an iphone?  But no, they tell me it's bigger than the iphone.  Yet, it's not big enough to do any meaningful navigation is it?  So what's the use?

Does anyone come to the epiphany that a) Damn, my iPad is way too big!   I need a smaller version.  and then b) BUT my iPhone is too small.  What will I do?    Hrm.

It's a weird week for weather in Los Angeles.  Yesterday the high was 90 degrees.  On Saturday, it will be 59 degrees.  Imagine a 30 degree difference within 7 days?  It's bizarre.   I enjoyed yesterday's sunshine, though.

Remember, friends, when you're in California, cherish the moments when you don't have to wear a jacket.   Those days will be gone and when they are, you'll go months without knowing when the warm days come again.   My first year going to swimming, I remember going well into June before I could confidently leave each morning without a jacket on.

Yesterday I spent a lot of my afternoon listening to the Queen Album catalog on Spotify.   I went from Queen II all the way to some of "A Day at the Races" in about 2 hours.   Queen albums were not very long, with the exception of "A Night at the Opera" which ran quite a long time.   It's neat to be able to run through most of their discography in less than an afternoon.  Never really occurred to me how short their records were.

It brings about two box sets I'd always been intrigued by on CD:  One -- the Beatles in mono, which was released three years ago.  The second one is the Queen Box set, which also packages their albums up to "The Game" (I think) in mini LP record sleeves for each one.

I believe that is all I have... enjoy your day, all.

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