Friday, November 2, 2012

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: NFL Week 9 (ha!), NCAA Week 10

Here comes the November

Dave's (blam!)
LOCKS (clank)
of the Week (fizzle)

This week, I'm putting the NFL aside.  I've had enough of their shifty point spreads.   The NFL is a joke... nobody can play well in this league aside from a half dozen teams.    Why go on?

I'll try it again next week, but I'm not wasting my time pulling my hair out over 3 point spreads.

So!  In light of this, we'll do four college selections from the Top 25 and beyond here we go.

First we go to South Bend, IN.  It's the home of Notre Dame's Fighting Irish and it's a case where you have a whopping 17 point spread against the visiting Pitt Panthers.

I was going to go 100% on the Panthers but then this happened:

Now I'm all in on Notre Dame.  There is NO CHANCE the Panthers will cover -17 with that kind of distraction and potential suspensions.   Notre Dame ALL THE WAY on Saturday Irish -17.

Speaking of traps, the +8.5 at USC against the visiting Oregon is begging me to take the underdog, and this week I'll take the bait.  Normally I always go against SC against the spread -- not betting them to lose but just to "not cover."  This week, for the first time in a long time, the Trojans are an underdog.   SC is going to come out with a great effort, angry from the loss out in Tuscon, and I think they'll make this close until the very end.  Trojans +8.5

Up next, another trap at Baton Rouge.  I grant you that Alabama is on another level right now but for a night game against the LSU Tigers, I would go with the Tigers to at least keep it close.  I like LSU +9.

Finally, we stay with college football and go into another Top 5 game with Kansas State at home hosting Oklahoma State.   This is merely a feeling I have, given Oklahoma State's great scoring ability and Kansas State feeling the pressure of #2, but I think I'll go with the Cowboys +9.   Mike Gundy does a tremendous job coaching Oklahoma State and they'll be quite fired up for this one even on the road at Manhattan.   I'm really going out on a limb with this one, but I'll go with the other OSU +9.

To recap:  Notre Dame -17, USC +8.5, LSU +9, and K-State +9.  Now get ready for a showcase of blowouts!  Oh baby.   Enjoy the games everyone!

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