Friday, November 2, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: November 2nd

This week is going by very quickly!   It felt like Monday yesterday and now it's already Friday.  I love it.

Big, nay, enormous College Football weekend coming up.    All top four teams have a big game on TV:  Alabama, Kansas State, Notre Dame, and Oregon.   We went over the particulars on the podcast this week.  Notre Dame's matchup isn't really that big, it's Pitt.  More on this later, it's a LOCK of the Week.

People have hammered me for posting that Mike Brown should be fired from the Lakers after only two games.  All right, I admit, I got a little too excited.   It is such a long season I shouldn't even write about the Lakers until January.  Onward.

I wonder what to do this weekend.  I owe three people money.  Not a good start to the Christmas season.  I mean it's only 10-20 bucks each but still, it's crazy.

I need more coffee... more onward.

I had a plan in place for Christmas Shopping.  I have a big family, including some other relatives like my Aunt's Family and my Grandparents.  Then my Dad has a birthday *in* December.  It's a lot of presents, about a dozen.  Here's the plan:  I can shop for one present at a time in the weeks leading up to Christmas Eve.  That was it's not as huge a drain on the budget.  So each week, I plan out one present to buy.   Siphoning the costs over a few months will be the best plan.

Sadly, I should have started that plan two months ago.  Oh the pain.

By the way!   For my Dad's birthday present, would you believe it, I found it in my closet.  I bought him a DVD box set a year ago for Christmas and then decided not to use it.  All these months, I completely forgot it was still in my closet!   I start rummaging through it and there's a sealed "Cincinnati Reds 1975 Complete World Series Telecasts" DVD set.  Who knew?!

Uh oh, I hope my Dad isn't reading the blog, I might have given it away.

People often ask me what I want for Christmas, and it's not an easy answer.  The problem is what I really want costs more than what is reasonable for a present.  What do I *really* want?

  • A new DVD Recorder
  • The complete Remastered Beatles Albums collection on Vinyl
  • Air Fare to a US City of Choice
  • Tickets to a Lakers Game
  • Dark Socks
  • Boxer Shorts
  • A $75 gift card to Mastro's Steakhouse (if you can even do that)
  • Acommodations in Las Vegas at a hotel on the strip
  • Movie Passes
  • A Peet's Gift Card
  • The Entire Monty Python's Flying Circus TV Series on DVD
  • The Big Bang Theory Season 5 on DVD

Most of the items on this list except for the shorts and socks are completely unreasonable requests.   Most of the time I try to be open ended with a response but I usually throw in the socks and underwear in the request. 

I sound so greedy with that list... I feel pretty awful about it, now, haha.   Ah very well.

In any case, that's all for the moment.  LOCKS are coming up!

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