Monday, November 19, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: November 19th

I'm out of it today.  Not feeling 100%, but I think I'll manage for the morning/afternoon.

Notre Dame is #1.  I would be lying if I said I was happy about it.   All they had to do was win their legit-tough schedule and THEN hope for all the other teams around them to give up a game.   It's like the guy who gets a lot of money via inheritance.   Now the guy himself did a great job staying alive and being a good enough guy to earn that award in the will, but it was basically an award anyway.

Now that the Irish are No. 1 and that the Trojans are a complete embarrassment to the Pac 12, all eyes look to the Coliseum.   I'll save the prediction for tonight's Dave podcast (11:30 ET on, but here's a few related things I think will happen:

  • Seems to me like SC and its fans don't have much left.   You can bet the stadium will be almost all Notre Dame... think of it like "South Bend West."
  • I don't think Barkley is going to play.  He looked finished with the concussion on Saturday
  • The Irish fanbase will double this weekend if the Irish win.   
  • If USC wins, I predict we will get not just one but TWO SEC teams in the National Championship game.  We were already on pace to have zero SEC teams in the game and then Saturday happened.  Oh da pain.
I had the weirdest dream of the year last night.   I was at a very fancy casino, a place like Wynn or something, and found a McDonalds inside the casino.  Then I went to McDonalds and ordered a McDouble, A McChicken Sandwich and fries, and the people taking orders were wearing tuxes and had fancy stuff on.  The dude who took the order looked like a butler.  He could not figure out how to set up that order at all... he was so confused.  Then there was this pitch to make the McChicken Sandwich a combo and eventually I gave in and did it but then he had no idea what to do about the drink.  It was a mess.   If that was reality, I would have probably gone on the Dave Blog and moaned about it, then adding "This is why fancy people don't work at McDonalds.  Leave the McDonalds orders to the regulars."

Nothing says "things to be thankful for" like a guy who drops a huge computer migration request on you during a short week up against the Thanksgiving holiday.   To be honest, I should have just postponed the entire operation for next week, so that's on me.

How are the Cowboys in playoff contention?   Oh goody, we get to see the Cowboys go to the playoffs and NOT WIN a game!   

Last night showed how important Ben Roethlisberger was to the Steelers.   However, with that said, it shows that the organization is getting *really* lazy with their roster moves.   Subtracting your starting quarterback is the easiest indication of how well an organization drafts or makes roster moves.   In the NFL, if you have a solid team, you manage to hold water with all the leftover guys if you lose your starting QB.  The Patriots in 2008 are a good example.  However, you also get situations like this one with the Steelers.  Without Big Ben, any other QB is toast because the team didn't spend time working on improving its o-line (it's gotten better but we're speaking about Ben's entire career), or getting good running backs.  It's not easy to do because Pit can't get upper level draft picks with their relative success, but sometimes there are diamonds in the rough.  Such are the Steelers this year.   I don't know when Big Ben returns but until then it will be a mighty struggle.  I'm actually pretty happy the Steelers kept it close against Baltimore.

Taxi Cabs are a huge sham.   I refuse to use them whenever possible.   Who else would charge 10 dollars to travel a mile?   What a joke.

Alabama is back in the BCS Championship game... hooray?

That's all for now.  Happy Monday everyone.  ...see what I did there?

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