Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: November 13th

We're about a week and two days away from Thanksgiving everyone!   Start the gobble countdown...

Geez louise, the NFL has had shoddier play than I've seen in a long time.  Last night's MNF game was a chore to watch.  When you're team is in a game like that, you just root for the win and stop worrying about the style points.  Last night, the Steelers did it, in overtime, thanks to a whole lot of help from the Chiefs.

The bigger issue is Big Ben.  He's hurt.  I can't say whether his shoulder is a 3rd degree or 2nd degree or even 1st degree separated shoulder, but any of those are bad.  The odds are extremely good that he'll miss next week's start against Baltimore.   If Leftwich is the starter, I'd be hard pressed to imagine the Steelers making the playoffs.

This is how I felt anyway, but the odds are that much worse without Roethlisberger.

Over the years I learned how to spell Ben "Roethlisberger's" last name.  This is a REALLY hard name to spell! R-o-E-t-h-l-I-s-b-E-r-g-e-r.  The E, I and other E are all pretty brutal to remember... some people use an "e" in place of the I by mistake.  Others do the "u" in place of the second "e".  It's a scene.

Anyone know how to reliably wash the wax off a Red Delicious apple?  That gunk stays on like glue, it's weird.

Yesterday I saw "Wreck-It Ralph" at the theater.  It was wonderful!   Great movie, and even better for those of us who played arcade games in our youth.  Even people who didn't play arcade games as kids but then played the same games later using emulators, they'd appreciate a lot of the references in the movie.

I'm still so sad about the loss of the Wendy's W Cheeseburger.   I'm not surprised though: it was a great small double cheeseburger with excellent ingredients like red onion and that "special sauce."  Yet, the whole thing cost only about 2 dollars.   Over the year or so that I ate it, I felt like Wendy's could easily have charged a dollar more for the W.   Now it's gone.   I lost my direction for what to eat at Wendy's: like a ship without an anchor, like slave without a chain, but I will go on shining go shining like brand new; I'll never look behind me, my troubles will be few.

There's no doubt, the Lakers are not run very well today.   No tact at all.   I'm hearing reports on ESPN that Jackson got blindsided with the news that D'antoni was the choice.  EVERYBODY is denying it, but it appears that Jim Buss' arrogance cost the Lakers Phil Jackson.   Now I think Jim Buss is a joke, but while that's true I will come to his defense here.  Phil Jackson is a loon with his demands, and this goes back to when he was last on the team.  Phil is always trying to control the rest of the Lakers as well, and I can at least say his basketball decisions are sound, but the man sounds like he wanted to own the team, and for a longtime entity like the Buss family, that idea doesn't sit well.

Even at that, sometimes you gotta lick your wounds and take one for the team.   Let's review... the Lakers whacked Mike Brown a mere five games into the season with NO PLAN?  That's not what the Lakers do.  It's what the Clippers do, it's what the Dodgers do, it might even be what UCLA does, but the LAKERS used to be above that.  Not anymore.

When I was a kid, I thought "Goodbye Stranger" was about friends bidding farewell.   As an adult, it's obvious, the song's about a one-night stand.

I want to write a sitcom pilot someday, as Jerry and George did on "Seinfeld."  I have the ideas and the characters and the story for it, but I don't have the formatting prowess of screenwriting.   Maybe, like the "Seinfeld" guys I can base it on the podcast and message board.  Semi-autobiographical, but with my character as just a foil.   The podcast is not really about me... it's about sports and it's about all the funky friends who contribute to it.   Perhaps a TV show in the same vein would be fun.

That's all for now.  Have a good one everyone.

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