Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: NCAA Week 13

I will never live down the 0-4 week last week, and I'm a beaten man.  Yet, I'm here to round out the season on...

Dave's (blam!)
LOCKS (booooom)
of the Week (banng!)

Four games: all in College Football.

You'd think I'd learn but NO!  After spending most of the year picking against USC against the spread I'm going to the well *again*, knowing that I got burned badly by that sleaze Lane Kiffin and his idiot players.   Nevertheless, we'll take SC with backup QB Max Wittek to cover +7 against Notre Dame.  I don't think they'll win, but it will be much closer than people expect.  USC +7

Next, to the Rose Bowl where I like the Bruins to finish off the regular season with a bang.  Stanford will be badly worn out from that big win at Oregon.  It takes a LOT to beat the #1 team in the nation on their home field and I would not be surprised if this is a Bruin blowout.   Some might say: Congratulations, UCLA, you got VIDMUSHED!   I'm not so sure.   UCLA -1.5

Even though Oregon will want to fire back with a vengeance, they're at Corvallis, OR for the annual Civil War Game against Oregon State.  Let me tell you, way back in September I was ready to take the Beavers with the points.  I was THAT sure of a good game from Oregon State.  Thankfully, Oregon State is getting 9.5 points at home!  I wish that would go up, but for now, I think it's a comfortably point spread.   The Beavers will make it very interesting against the former No. 1 Oregon Ducks.   Oregon State +9.5

Lastly, I like Louisville to put away UConn.  Louisville -12

To Recap: USC +7, UCLA -1.5, Oregon State +9.5, Louisville -12.  Gobble up!

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