Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: November 7th

All right, I'm pumped up!

First of all, I'm pumped up because I'm going to set aside about a half hour to TV's "Survivor" program tonight on the "Dave in the City" podcast.  For weeks, I was looking for a spot to schedule a "Survivor" recap, and here it is!   It's perfectly placed: at the half way point of the Survivor TV season. I hope you get to listen in, and call in as well!  We welcome everyone's opinions.

NEXT I'm pumped up because I've been using this new belt my Mom got me.  It's a seat belt!  An authentic GM seat belt buckle attached to a specially designed seat belt that can fit pants.  Let me tell you guys, this thing is convenient.   Any time I need to take a leak, click, and I'm ready to go.

All we need now is an 800 degrees pizza to complete a perfect day.  I hope traffic cooperates.

I've been in the midst of some very tricky projects this week.  First, I have to figure out how to clone a Mac hard drive with a bootcamp partition on it.  I'm not one to complain about the challenge.  As a matter of fact, I'm shocked that I'm the first one in the department to ponder this.   I think I have it figured out, but it was extremely hairy.  

Up next, I'm configuring a new machine for deployment.  It's not nearly as complicated, but tedious.  We couldn't set up an image because I was unable to buy the exact same computer model from Dell.  Instead, I'm going to install all the programs from scratch.  It sucks, but it's not hard to do, just tedious.

Saturday could be a HUGE day for the campus of USC.   A lil birdie, aka Twitter, tells me that World Record Holder and Olympic Gold Medalist Rebecca Soni will be doing a meet and greet for about an hour before the USC meet against Arizona/Arizona State.  This is big news.  Some of my UCLA Masters colleagues have met Natalie Coughlin.  Others met Dana Vollmer here in town.  If all goes well, Saturday is my turn.

The wild thing about all this is I think all of the above swimmers were room mates at the Olympics.

Now just a moment!  In case one were to think I was quitting on College Football that Saturday, the meet runs from about 10:30 until 12:30.   I would have zero chance of missing any football games because the best ones begin at 12:30 and go from there.  In fact, SC is close enough to L.A. Live that I could just take the train to either Yardhouse or ESPN Zone to watch the big BCS games.

On Friday night, it is time to get crackin' and shop for christmas!  I intend to get a couple presents that night.   I also have to compose my 15 person shopping list.  Most families get 2 or 3 people.  I get 15.   The reason is because I include an exchange present, and my Mom's family i.e. my grandparents, my aunt and HER family.

I can't get anyone to go to this swim meet and football games with me.  Geez, you'd think there were lots of swimming/college football mongos in Los Angeles, but no...

For those of you out East, I still do not have the Lakers channel, Time Warner Cable Sportsnet.   TWC announced an agreement with Cox which literally left only Directv (and Dish but who cares?) as the lone holdout.   I don't even know if the Lakers played *last night.*   It's a little refreshing in a way, because without the Lakers day to day, it allows better perspective on the season.

Last night was Election Central at the Dave household.  I choose not to comment on the particulars, but I thought it'd be a much closer election than it was.  Then, about 8:20 pm everything came undone.  My buddy Jacob Rosales had that called from the beginning, and the man knows what he's talking about.  Jacob got a degree in Political Science.

My favorite facebook exchange of the night had nothing to anything but it was somewhat related..

Jacob: Alright San Francisco. Let's destroy some MUNI buses....or is that only win we win the World Series?
[Jacob's Friend]: Just a heads up....there will be no more San Francisco if the 9ers win the super bowl. This city will explode

I await that day, whenever it happens.

You know, as long as I'm on the subject, Giants fans and 49ers fans have probably been at each others' throats lately.  It is clear the Giants have the Niners' number, but it has revived a rivalry that goes back to the late 80's.   It's as true a rivalry as you can imagine in the NFL.   BUT, can it be a "rivalry" if only one team is winning?

Oh hoooo!   That's all from here.  Enjoy your Wednesday.

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