Friday, November 30, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: November 30th

Why is it that when Sarah McLachlan sings, she sounds like she's gasping for air?   Writhing in pain.  I can see that Taylor Swift adopts this technique.  Every line Taylor Swift sings quits as the end.  "Oh I had a lovely tiiiiiiiimmmmeeee ahhhh"

OH BABY WOOOEE!   SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME this Saturday, meaning tomorrow.  I had the privilege of going to a game with Alabama in it.  Some friends of mine and I went many years ago to see them at the Rose Bowl vs UCLA in the home opener when 'Bama was the Preseason #1.   Naturally there were some Bama fans in the crowd and we kibitzed with them all afternoon.  They're very good natured folk, Bama fans.   Pretty cool dudes, and yes, they're VERY fired up about their Crimson Tide.  UCLA won the game 35-24.

I claimed I would stop making NFL picks, but I was interested to see what would happen with all the Home Underdogs this weekend.  There are a bunch of them: Rams +7 (vs SF), Chiefs +3 (vs Carolina), Dolphins +7 (vs NE), Titans +6 (vs HOU), Chargers +1.5 (vs CIN), and Redskins +2.5 (vs NYG).  Six home dogs this week!  That seems like a lot.  Will most of them cover?

I gotta hurry up and finish writing this so that everyone gets a chance to read it before 1pm East... big things happen at 1pm East.  Especially in New York, if you know what I mean.

Rain all day, in Los Angeles.   It has rained since Wednesday night.  I haven't seen this much consistent rain all year, but in all honesty I like it a lot.  It makes things tougher to do... swimming (outside), driving, walking, shopping for presents, unless you have a garage at home.   Nonetheless, I'm glad to have the rain.

I also got a free Papa John's pizza. I had no idea something so silly as Papa John's could be so polarizing among my friends.  You have a group of friends who think the pizza is awful.  I'm not going to go on here and say its fantastic, but it's certainly not the nadir of cooked pizza.   Then there's the group of friends who find Papa John (the owner) a reprehensible scumbag.   To be fair, these friends are probably right, but in all honesty, many CEO's and owners are scumbags at their core.  It's a tough spot.

I think one day I'm going to not bother answering work emails and see if I get away with it.   Fingers crossed!

So glad this weekend is here.  I'm going to try a Persian Cuisine place called Javan's just down the street from my apartment.  They do a terrific job with Kebab's they say.  Seeing that it would normally be Kings hockey season, I'll be thinking of that great playoff run they had when I eat.  I ate Kebabs before every Kings playoff game this year, it felt like.

On the subject of the Kings.  Rest In Peace, David Courtney.  P.A. Announcer for the Kings, Angels, and Clippers.  An unforgettable voice and a gentleman to all.   My condolences to the Courtney Family and the Kings.

That's all for now.  Catch you all next week.

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