Friday, November 30, 2012

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: NCAA Week 14

Here it is, my friends, the final

Dave's (blam!)
LOCKS (gobble)
of the Week (splash)

of the year.

It's been a good run, and right up until the last two weeks (0-8!  oi) we had a pretty good season.   To close us out, we'll go into conference championship weekend.  I'll denote that I will potentially do NFL Playoff Picks in January, plus bowl game selections as we come up on them.  As for our regular feature, this is farewell, so BANG, let's go:

We start in Palo Alto, CA for the Pac 12 Championship Game.   What the hell?  I like Stanford -8.5.  You know what?   UCLA had its chances but I think they're finally going to get served.   They probably gave up last week's game thinking they'd benefit by getting "the easier matchup," but be careful what you wish for, Bruins.   Stanford will continue its physical attach and manhandle Huntley, Franklin and company.  Cardinal to win BIG... Stanford -8.5.

Next we go to the big one, the SEC Championship game in Atlanta, GA.   I'll take the Georgia Bulldogs but still expect Bama to win.  This will be a close one throughout.   Yet, the coaching mismatch is enormous and when it comes to close games, I like Alabama's chances.  Georgia +7.

Next we check out Middle Tennessee State at Arkansas State.   For no reason whatsoever, other than my general trust in Middle Tennessee St. all season, I want to go Middle Tennessee St. +10.  Book it.

Lastly we travel to the Big Ten Championship game where Nebraska faces Wisconsin.  Nebraska hasn't won many big matchups all year why would they change now?   With Wisconsin GETTING 3 points, the Badgers are an easy play.  Wisconsin +3.

That does it for the season!  It's been fun, but trying at times, but overall rewarding.  Enjoy Conference Championship weekend! 

Recap: Stanford -8.5, Georgia +7, Middle Tennessee St. +10, Wisconsin +3

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