Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: October 10th

We've got a quadruple header in baseball today!  How great is this?  It all starts at 10am with Cardinals/Nationals.   Then, we have Giants/Reds, Orioles/Yankees, and Tigers/A's.

Two things about these Division Series.  First of all, is there any doubt the Giants can come back in this series now?   While the Reds dominated on the road, they seemed equally as vulnerable at home with a chance to close it out.  To be that close to a win and then throw out that gas-bag Broxton to blow it might plant the seed of doubt in the Reds.  It wouldn't surprise me if Cincy lost today with fill-in starter Mike Leake.  LEAKE!!!  He didn't even make the postseason roster and now, because of Cueto's injury, he has been placed into a closeout game.  The only thing that saves the Reds is that Barry Zito will pitch for the Giants.  Man... that could be a brutal game... lots of runs.

The second thing is that with the A's at home, where most of their magic happens, I had this feeling the whole series that they could force a game 5.   I don't think the A's got rattled at all in Games 1 and 2 at Detroit, and each of those games were pretty close anyway.  We'll find out for sure tonight.

 It feels good to be well rested.  Went to bed fairly early (before 10:30pm) and got up about 6:15am.   That's not a LOT of sleep but much better than normal.

It's funny, but there's not much else on my mind.  I have been watching some old TV promos on youtube lately to get a feel for how the masters did it in their day.   Some of the promos were for some MISERABLE shows, like, programs that didn't even last a year.  The best announcers could make even the worst shows exciting.

You know what's weird?    I was watching one such great, Ernie Anderson (R.I.P.), cut a promo during a behind the scenes video and when he records the promo, he has to use the promo copy and work it around an ALREADY set up video montage with the actualities (i.e. sound bites from the shows promoted).  I never realized it was set up that way.  I mean, in animation, usually you record the voices FIRST and then work in the sound bites and music around that.   To have to do it in reverse must be frustrating.  Surely enough, this promo got the better of ol' Ernie (NSFW):

To be fair, I bet he moaned and groaned like this when he did every promo!

Last point -- how bad were those shows on ABC back then?   Some show with John Ritter as a cheap knockoff of "Amen?"  Roseanne (if you like whining this was the place to be)?  Who's the Boss when it was past its prime?

Tonight, some good television (for some of us)... Survivor!   Who survives?   See what I did there?

I still have to catch up with last week's episode!  Did Angie make it?  Did Jeff Kent hang tough?  I'll find out soon enough.  Til next time.

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