Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: October 11th

The Yankees are surely like little pests.    They're so pesky.  It's like the guy who is "crafty" which means he doesn't really pitch very well, he can't pitch that well, but he's CRAFTY!

Ok, I have no idea what the Yankees really are, but they made a brilliant move last night pinch hitting Ibanez for A-Rod.  HALLELUJAH!  IT'S ABOUT TIME GIRARDI MADE A GOOD MOVE.

And it worked!   Ibanez got HR number 1, ninth inning.  Ibanez got HR number 2, 12th inning.  Yankees, win the Yankees win, etc, blah blah, we've been here before.   The Yanks really should have put this series a way a long time ago.  I watch the Orioles more and more and see that they still aren't ready for the playoffs.   Now they are going to turn to Joe Saunders to save their series.  Good luck!

Giants... wow.  I gotta give it to the Giants: they looked spent and then they came back and put the Reds into a panic.   It takes some serious heart, and serious pitching, to make that happen, and the Giants brought all of it.   Joaquin Arias was a great sparkplug in the latter innings of both games 3 and 4.  Now, we'll see the big finish at 10am Pacific.   Go Reds!

I was speaking to my buddy Kevin on the Cape on the podcast last night about the Chorizo and Cheese burrito I had last night.  It is seriously quite tremendous!   I got it at a place called "Tacos Por Favor".   Wonderful place, good people, and cheaper prices.  The best thing is that it's right by my house near Bundy on Olympic Blvd.

Clearly, all of this rhubarb is probably terrible planning for a swim meet this weekend.   I promised myself to eat healthy and effectively blew my promise.  Blast... ah well.  That chorizo and cheese was worth it!

I'm in a pickle!   I'm leaving tomorrow night to celebrate my niece's 3rd birthday at my Family's house in Oxnard.  It's an hour away from where I live in LA.   However, that means I can't really prepare a meal since I'll be gone for the next two days.  Leftovers would be wasted.   I'll need a cheap meal again tonight.  I'm thinking that Del Taco will be my rescue.   Otherwise, I wouldn't know what to do.   All I have in the fridge is one 4 day old chicken drumstick and some fruit.

Another quadruple header for baseball today, and the A's might be able to come all the way back and win Game 5 later tonight.   It's incredible, really.  How'd they wind up coming back in that game last night?   To be honest, Valverde set the table with his HORRENDOUS outing.  He had nothing, zilch, zero!   So much for that Tigers bullpen, hey?  But I'll tell you, I *still* think the Tigers bullpen is pretty good.   Not only that, but who's to say they won't win game 5?   I don't think the Tigers were all that upset with last night.  They know they're the aggressor in most of these games.   It's pretty close for Detroit, and they still have a ton of talent, especially offensively.

I wish I had more, but I will offer LOCKS of the week later on.  'Til then!

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