Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: October 30th

I'm still thinking of all the people out on Long Island, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, among other places, who were hit by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy yesterday.   Millions of people are without power, flooding is pretty bad, and about a dozen people in the area already have already died.  It's a rough scene out there, my heart is with you, East Coast.


Did the Cardinals know there was a Monday Night Football game last night?   My goodness!

I thought of this two minutes ago:  what would have happened if the World Series continued into Game 5?   Last night would have been Game 5 and my feeling is it would have been watched by even fewer people than already were not watching the series.  As it was, the World Series, I heard, got a record low for TV ratings.  It was a very lifeless series, I can't say I'm surprised.  Anyway, the reason I said this was because quite a few people were tuned into local and national coverage of Hurricane Sandy on the various networks.  DIRECTV had a special channel, channel 325, that bounced around all kinds of local stations out East:  New York stations, Hartford, Philadelphia, etc.   My buddy said it was like "the Red Zone Channel for Hurricanes."  If there was a World Series game on that night, it would have been pre-empted by most of those stations.

I was talking with another friend last night about Calculus.  I took Calculus once, and made it all the way to Calculus III in college.    Calculus is HARD!  I don't care how smart you are.   Nobody, and I mean nobody takes Calculus and says "Oh man that Calculus, I don't know what everyone is talking about, this is a breeze!"  

Now I've forgotten exactly everything I learned about Calculus.   I'm hopeless.

Who is Rob Delaney?  Whoever he is, can people stop retweeting his nonsense on the twitter?   Whatever he does, he's not very funny or useful.  ...humble opinion.

NBA opening night tonight!   Lakers!   ...for one game.  Then tomorrow, I'll be shut out due to lack of TWC Sportsnet.  However, I have tonight, on TNT.  No Kobe, no problem.  

NBA Finals Predictions?  I suppose Spurs vs Heat.   There ya go.   The NBA is the most predictable league in sports.  I DARE ANY of the other teams to debunk that.   It will be Spurs/Heat, or maybe Lakers/Heat, and the rest of the season will just be a chance to look out for sick slam dunks.

I am now in the market for a used Audio Rack or TV Stand.  I can't just get *any* stand.   Some flimsy particle board stand will not absorb movement or weight at all.  I need something sturdy.  However, even at that, I know you can get these kind of tables/racks for cheap.   Craigslist will be my homie.

Big Bang Theory comment:  When you do a show featuring Nerds and Science and Fantasy, it provides opportunities to go into wild tangents.  With this show there have been big hits and big misses.  I have to say, the Howard Wolowitz astronaut story-arc fell flat for me.   It was entirely believable, but it must have been a better idea on paper.   Some of the "nerd on a spaceship" memes you could see a mile away.  It just wasn't my thing.  It's good that Wolowitz made it back after episode 3 this year.  They needed to bury that story quickly.

Actually my favorite moment from the entire storyline was from when he got back to the airport.   Bernadette, his wife, yelled out "Howie!" and then next to Wolowitz was Howie Mandel with paparazzi in front of him.   I laughed so freaking hard, my friends.   Excellent usage of a quick cameo.

This is where Big Bang Theory really wins.  The producers of that show are sharp!  When they know something isn't working they'll dump the crap out of it on the spot.   Remember when Leonard had that relationship with that one lady... I forgot her name or what she did, I think she was a doctor, you know, the girl from "Less than Perfect."  She wasn't funny at all!  The uppers had planned her out for a long term story arc but it bombed so badly she was out after 2 shows.  No explanation provided -- none needed.  To this day one of the best moves the show ever made.  

Imagine if you found out your mom was having an affair with your dentist?   Eerie, huh?

The tater tots are better, thanks for asking.  Be safe East Coast!

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