Monday, October 8, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: October 8th

Long, long day, everyone.  I spend the first 90 minutes of the day moving  a whole storage closet worth of old junk computers and parts, printers, old monitors, etc to the Main HQ office for E-Waste.   This was actually phase TWO of the E-Waste.  Phase 1 took about 2 hours on Friday, and thankfully it hasn't been too busy in the meanwhile.

For that reason, we begin our Thoughts of the Day later than usual.  Hope all is well.

I have nothing bad to say about the Yankees.   They had a clutch performance, the go-ahead HR by Russell Martin, good pitching from CC Sabathia, and timely hitting.   It's everything I thought they couldn't do in the playoffs.  Color me corrected.  Game 2 is tonight.

I was really disappointed in my lunch choice yesterday and it set the tone for the rest of the afternoon.  I got the grocery store chicken again but I did not get a fresh batch.  I should have just gone for it and gotten pizza or McDonald's or something.   The un-fresh chicken was a little dry, a little tasteless, and just one day long disappointment.

Let's face it, most of the NFL games yesterday were a big bore.   The two games that were exciting were the GB/Indy game and then later, the SD/NO game at night.   I knew the Saints would win here.  They were due.  Too many close games going the other way, and with the talent they had, and with it being at home against San Diego, they were bound for a win.   So it has happened.  Now as for the rest of the season, I have no idea what the Saints will do.  Probably lose.

That's just as well: the Saints are becoming the most hated team in the NFL.

The Giants' horrendous series against the Reds so far: The Giants were embarrassed enough, there's no point in piling on.

I like how I wrote the other day "Drew Brees is great because he spreads the ball around," then I saw Marques Colston get all the big catches last night in the game.

I've got NCAA thoughts but they're so long and wordy I won't have time to write them.  I'll say this much: Georgia got exposed on Saturday.  I don't think it's Aaron Murray's fault really... I just think the Bulldogs as a whole were in over their heads.   SCAR ftw.  That is "South Carolina" football for the laymen.

Rutgers... their defense is terrific.  What else can I say?

LSU -- typical.

Washington State at Oregon State.  DID I CALL THAT??  I knew Oregon State would struggle to score and surely enough, the final score was 19-6.  The Beavers still won but it was much closer than others might thin k.

Oregon -- I'm waiting for them to play a physical team, but so far they've been tremendous!

Florida State -- wow.  Really??

Notre Dame -- Best ND defense in at least a decade.  Great win.

UCLA -- can't even beat the struggling CAL!  For shame!

'Bama -- much needed week off.   They could have been clipped too the way things were going.

Florida -- improving every week.  Huge win.

Nebraska -- a joke.  Never count on them to win a big game.


Jets at Texans.   ........well, it is the Texans.  And similar to a lot of teams in the NFL, it's right when you start to get comfortable with a front running team that they play a let-down game.  This could be that game.  Kubiak is an awful coach.  Here's the thing... the Texans have had some blowout wins on their way to their current 4-0 record.  What is going to happen when their opponent hangs around in a game?  If the Jets keep it close, watch for some "excitement" with the Texans.

--I'm just sayin'!

That's all I have for now.  Enjoy the Monday Night game tonight.

CORRECTION:  The game is at the Jets, so it's Texans at Jets tonight, rather than the other way around.  As it stands, the Jets are 9.5 point underdogs at HOME.  That's incredible.

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