Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Week: October 31st

Happy Halloween everyone!

There's a guy I know on, actually several, that I miss right now.   I imagine many of them are still without power out East, and it might be a while before they return to posting.  One in particular is the man they call "Brad Benson's Ad (not auto) Agency."   He's such a riot to read on the various threads.  His re-enactment posts, for instance, imitations of me if you can imagine that, and Joe Benigno imitations, are hilarious.  I also miss the guy known as Say Hello to Ottis, and The Captain aka "Gerry in Piscataway."  My goodness, there's a really nice dude known as "inderebuilding" who has daily updates on his tasty cuisine.    How about the man they call "Oomer" who is never without an sound byte or a funny smackdown on the Chicago Bulls?   There are a number of guys out there, and although you'd think "it's just a message board," they're my friends.  Friends as true as the guy I know down the street.   Be well everyone out there!   Hope to see you back soon.

Colin Cowherd just got pwned by a ten year old girl!  I am amused!!

Did the Lakers know the NBA started last night?  ...kidding!   This wound up being the first full game for all five starters: Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Metta World Peace, and Steve Nash.  Predictably, spacing and flow was non-existent.   Nonetheless, it's way too early to make much of this opening night loss.  There's plenty of time.  What I'm hoping for, down the road, is that Mike Brown stops micro-managing offense and lets Steve Nash run all the plays.  JUST LET HIM PLAY.

It's not 2000, it's 2012, Brownie.

I used to celebrate Halloween Night at my Grandmother's house with my family and aunts and uncles.   It was a lot of fun.   Trick or Treating was fun too.   Then I grew up.   Halloween as an adult isn't the same.   You get some candy, or at worst, you can buy your own, but the trick or treating isn't really sensible as an adult.  I now live about an hour away from my family, so most years I just stay home.  Tonight, for example, I'm doing the podcast.

The best adult Halloweens I had were in Santa Barbara... oh my goodness, would you believe the number of scantily dressed nurses on the street?   You're not sick, but you're not well; you're so hot 'cause you're in hell.   Good times, folks.  That was just State Street!   Isla Vista was a REAL scene.

Speaking of Brownie... sigh.... no Kings hockey.   aka "the only reason Fox Sports Net still exists."  Sigh again... still no TWC Sportsnet.  I can't even watch the Lakers lose when they're not on TNT.

This week in food:  better!  Still not spectacular.   I had no time to shop for groceries and it's so late in the week I was forced to get takeout breakfast and try to ride that the rest of the day.  Then I forgot to get my free "steal a base" taco at Taco Bell, oiiiiiiiiii....

With every day I get the feeling that Oregon is going to get hosed more and more.   Oregon wins each game by tons of points and yet they can't get higher than fourth.   What would Oregon have to do to crack the top 2?   If they were to beat USC by over 20, does that help?   Considering how weak SC is lately, I can't say.   Personally I hope USC wins.  Besides, an SC win would at least end the debate with Oregon.   Oregon has been playing weak competition, I won't lie about that.  A one-loss Oregon team has zero percent chance of making the BCS game.  End of story.

The teams left over?   I'll go over that on the podcast but 'Bama has LSU this weekend.  Bama is #1.   Kansas State is #2 -- they face Oklahoma State.  Notre Dame is #3, and up next for them is Pitt.  WOW... big College Weekend coming up to say the least!  More to come on this topic on "Dave in the City" tonight at .

Here's another Big Bang Theory update:   Season 6 is really hitting its stride.  Loving every bit of it so far.  The funny thing about this year, there's no established heel.   Priya was the heel for a season.   In the very beginning you had guys like Kripke and Leslie Winkle.   What's a show without an enemy?   Hopefully the heel will emerge later on.

Tomorrow, our staff is going to a place called Versailles.  It serves Cuban Food.  First of all, who uses a FRENCH name for a Cuban restaurant?  Secondly the last thing I'm in the mood for is Cuban food.   I'm telling you, our manager is using these staff lunches as a convenient outlet to explore his willy nilly dining curiosities without paying for it.   Not a fan of these experimental lunches.   I'd rather choose a place that we know is good.  I didn't bother to offer a suggestion even though I was offered one.  Here's why: even if I made a suggestion, the suggestion would be rebuked so that the Manager can continue his food critic "second career" on company dime.

Some of our staff lunches have been real misses too.  Total bombs.   Grease upon grease.  I won't divulge the names to protect the innocent.

Welp!  That's all the time I have.  Enjoy Halloween everyone!

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