Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Viruses and Ice Cream

Fortunately, we've patched up the offending computer downstairs that had the virus.  In defense of the person who contracted the infection:  he actually TRIED to close the box and the pop up was pesky, it was so pesky, and it wouldn't go away.  Even moving the pop up to the side made the box jump back to where it was.  Now that's creepy!

Most computer users are going to have a difficult time not giving in and clicking "continue" or "go ahead" within the popup.  I feel for the fella in question.

Viruses are a crazy game.

Ice Cream:  Can it be fresh?  I'd say so!   The quality of the milk can be either really good, really creamy, or plain standard.   The best ice creameries use the best milk... milk without hormones and other additives.  Then, the ice cream is churned and manufactured on the spot.   Then it's mixed in with even more fresh ingredients.  For instance, higher quality chocolate, freshly crushed vanilla beans, and so on.  All of these factors make a difference in making a fresher ice cream.  So by "fresh" ice cream, which otherwise is frozen, we mean that ingredients that go into the ice cream are fresher.

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