Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: October 17th

A few quickies today...

Ever see those ads that say "find local singles in your area" or something like that?   Why settle for singles?  I'd go for the doubles.

Twitter becomes a nightmare during these Presidential Debates.  The worst offenders are entertainers: actors, actresses, and musicians.   I don't know how their ability to entertain millions of people suddenly justifies their credibility as a political pundit.  Very lame.

Ice cream!  Wasn't having a good day, but there's this place on 26th near San Vicente in Brentwood that has the best ice cream in the area.  REALLY good -- you can tell how fresh it is when you eat it.  I didn't take any chances and got the vanilla ice cream in the chocolate waffle cone.  It's not chocolate *coated*, but instead a chocolate waffle spun into a cone.   Expensive though: $5.25 with tip.

Giants/Cardinals.  It's a make or break game... so what do we do?  Bury it in the middle of the afternoon while everyone is at work!  #heehee

Tonight I'll try my shot at a California Burrito, but the bar is set pretty low.  A California burrito is just a burrito with fries and guacamole instead of rice and beans.  We'll see what happens.

Why can't people be smarter with computers?   You see a pop up that says "your computer might be infected" and the window does not also say "McAffee or Sophos" and it looks like an internet pop up ad... DONT CLICK ON THE FRIGGIN WINDOW.    It's amazing how many people not only at my job but everywhere think that's a legitimate antivirus warning and then DESTROY their computer with infections.  It is maddening.

That's all from here... I will now spend the rest of my day attempting to repair the aforementioned virus ridden machine.  Til tomorrow.

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