Saturday, October 20, 2012

NLCS: Game 6

How about it, folks?  Did you all see this going to a Game 6?

I'm surprised... I did not think Zito had 7 inning in him.  I did not think the Giants' offense had it in them.  Yet, here we are.  What's the prediction for Game 6?

Cardinals.  I like the Cardinals.  It would be thrilling to think about another big comeback for the Giants and three straight wins yet again.  However, the Cardinals and manager Mike Metheny have their heads on straight and play smarter baseball.  Chris Carpenter should also have a marked advantage over Ryan Vogelsong.   The primary reason is because Carpenter has ace potential.  Vogelson has implosion potential.

Nonetheless, the Giants won't get blown out and it's going to be a thrilling game.   I just think that game will go to St. Louis.   But... that's why they play the games.

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