Friday, October 5, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: October 5th

Most of this week I was trying to figure out whether to breathe on every stroke on butterfly or every other stroke.  Up to now I was going every other stroke, but I tried every stroke this morning.  It's a lot of work!   Then I reverted to every other stroke and I felt more comfortable.  I hope I get it right... if anything, I'd at least like something that I can go with consistently for the meet next Sunday.  Whew!

Fly is now hitting about 1:20 or less for a 50 meter swim on long course... that breaks down to 40 per 25, but that's not only meters but also my swim at workout speed.  Judging from what I used to do on either LCM or SCM, I feel some marked improvement.  It's exciting!

Then I pondered whether I made a mistake with the 100 fly entry.   Our sprints today covered a series of 50m Long Course fly sprints in a row... first we did 3 in a row followed by a 100 dive free.  Then 2 and the 100.  Then one and the 100.  EXTREMELY tiring!  I would have to pace myself big time if I tried a 100 fly... really wears you out, but the good news is we're on the short course meter pool for the meet.

Big win for the Rams yesterday, and thank God for that.   I was getting tired of all the hype with the Cardinals.  The Cardinals were getting pretty overrated.  For all we speak about their defense, they give it all back with that awful QB Kevin Kolb.   From what I saw last night, the only useful receiver they have is Larry Fitzgerald, and they can't run the ball at all.  And yet!  They throw in some junk play at the end to extend drives... this was how they won their first four games.  My goodness... if you want a sack, even as a corner back, go play the Cardinals.  16 sacks of Kolb in two games, that is a joke.  In any case, an important win for the Rams which now tightens the NFC West Division even further.   Remember when people said the NFC West was the worst division in football?  Not anymore!

I was turned on to this Sports Bar in Marina Del Rey of all places called "Tony P's".  It's actually part of a larger restaurant on the Marina (obviously), but the food and service is pretty good.   I won't go so far to say that it's better than Buffalo Wild Wings but it's a tremendous setup and a SoCal original. 

A classic example of "you don't appreciate it until it's gone", The Cheesecake Factory restaurant on San Vicente, like, around the corner and up the street from my home, closed about a month ago, and it got ignored for years.  Then, when they announced the closure, people on facebook came out of the woodwork and moaned "Awww, I'm really going to miss this place, nooooo!"

I'm in quite a writing mood, which is probably bad news for my regular job, but I digress... I can't stop now!

Anyone see "Trouble with the Curve?"  Good movie?

Suddenly, I've got writers block.  Ah well, have a good weekend everyone!   We'll do it again Monday.

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