Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: October 24th

One of these days a big prediction has to go right.  I am great with Super Bowl predictions, so maybe it can carry over to the World Series too.

Even so, here's a prediction I hope DOESN'T go right.   For the 2012 World Series, I like the Giants in 6.  I've seen enough of both teams and the Giants have a superior bullpen, more consistent hitting if you can believe that, and honestly, a better manager.   I like Jim Leyland overall with the Tigers, but Bochy is incredible at making the right move at the right time.   Remember the key here is "more consistent" hitting, not "better."  There's no doubt that the Tigers have better batters and more big-time players, but any one of those Tigers hitters is more liable to go into a dry spell.  We'll see what happens, germs.

This really *hasn't* been a good week in food.   My trusty roast beef lunch sandwich has been reliable. Aside from that, it's been mostly leftovers.  More linguine with the Turkey Italian Sausage.  I'll say this much:  turkey sausage came through in a big spot.  I had no clue how good it would taste but I'm a fan.   It's less greasy, but it still has the essence of that Italian Sausage taste.

The loser with that meal was the Barilla Garlic and Mushroom sauce.   It tasted like tomato soup; wasn't my scene.   Instead I will go back to the Marinara, which is much better.

I'm desperate enough for a good meal that I might consider going back to the Pavilions and wait on a new batch of fried chicken.  We'll see what happens.

I don't see the appeal of 5 disc CD Changers.   I can't come up with five discs I want to listen to at once on a given day.  Usually I determine about two or three albums I want to try for the night, so to have to open that humongous tray to load them all at once, then press some button to switch between them is a little odd.   Remember, the tray won't open all the way out, so you can only load like 2 at a time then press some button to rotate the carousel.   After the day is done, I can't guarantee I want to go back to the same group of discs tomorrow.  The funny thing is, 5 Disc CD Changers are now obsolete.  I don't know if they sell 'em anymore.  I remember at one time they had a 99 disc CD changer!  It worked like a jukebox.  Now that's crazy.  Some joker could break into your house and steal most of your CD collection in one shot.  With MP3s and streaming audio, most of these CD changers have little value in society.

Consider this sequence:  my buddy Jacob posted that he was drinking Dr. Pepper.  Later that evening, I was watching an old SCTV episode on DVD that had a Dr. Pepper commercial spoof in it.   I learned, one day, about the "I'm a pepper, you're a pepper, be a pepper, etc etc wouldn't you want to be a pepper too?" commercials.   In any case, Dr. Pepper was the clear theme of the night!

Those commercials were really hokey.   Early 80's commercials.  What were people thinking in 1981?  Mini choruses would break out into songs about tools and auto parts, broadway style.

Clearly I'm out of ideas... I'll try better next time.  Farewell for now!

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