Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: October 4th

Boy this month is flying by already... 4 days into October like that -- zip!

Congratulations to Miguel Cabrera for winning the Triple Crown!   It's odd, though.  I thought I'd be far more excited about this.  I grew up thinking the Triple Crown was an impossible dream... just as the 56 game hitting streak is.   It's going to be a very long time before anyone in any league does it again.  Yet... I was mildly excited about it.  Perhaps MLB has become more of a team game.  Perhaps RBI's and AVG are overrated stats (not perhaps, they are, but for those who subscribe to them I'd like to be diplomatic).  I'm not sure what it is.

Congratulations to the New York Yankees for winning the AL East.   Man what mettle... going from one overpaid superstar to another and nursing what was a big lead for most of the year, then facing the worst team in the division at the end of the year.  I tell you, fellas, the Yankees really had to fight for that one!  Enjoy your playoff run, however long it will be.

Congratulations to the Oakland A's for winning the AL West.  Now THIS was a comeback!   13 1/2 games back in July.  5 games back a week ago.  Suddenly, they're AL West Champs! Heck, they were down 5-1 early on in yesterday's game.

For the Rangers, I don't know what to make of them, but they are clearly shell-shocked.  BUT, I still think they're good enough to beat Baltimore tomorrow in the Wild Card game.  They're just a better team, it's that simple.   Yu Darvish on the mound vs whatever spare part the O's can find in their starting rotation.   The Rangers are a more versatile lineup.  The Rangers are home.  I'm big on the Rangers, folks.   Until they're defeated, I think they're *still*, even now, the team to beat in the AL.

Yes, I'm very worried about USC tonight at Utah.  The classic Thursday Night ESPN intra conference game.  It has taken down many teams, including Stanford last week.  What's to stop the Utes?

I'm still torn on the new Wendy's hamburger patties.  They've been in place for roughly two years, but the thinner patties seemed jucier.   I can't put a finger on it, but I rather like the old patties.  The new patties are basically thicker, and presumably better quality versions of the classic square patties.   They seem over-seasoned.  They seem a bit dry.   They seem like they have a candy coating.  They're good, but I haven't decided if I like them better than the old style patties they used for 40 years.

I also like how the old patties would just flop all over the place... it would overtake the round bun and slip right onto the wrapper.   By the way, the new Wendy's fries are pretty good, but the texture is also not as crispy as the old fries were... perhaps I might be biased on this one and the old fries weren't that great anyway.

In essence, nobody is beating McDonald's fries amongst fast food chains.  Nobody.   We keep looking into new contenders... Burger King, Jack in the Box, Carls, and Wendy's have all tried to make adjustments but good old McDonald's still wins.   They had the winning formula and stuck with it.

I've been craving Tri Tip for a month now... in fact, wasn't there a blog post last month where I was seeking out the tri tip.  Well enough is enough... soon enough I'm going to Outdoor Grill to get in on this tri tip myself.

Oh, and interesting tangent!  Is Tri Tip basically another form of Brisket?  They do seem similar huh?   I would say Tri Tip is much leaner.   Yet, they are kindered spirits.

I could use a cookie...

LOCKS will be tomorrow.   I won't have time to write them out with the busy work week, but hope all is well otherwise.   I will say that I like St. Louis to cover +2, which most likely means they win.  We'll see.  'til next time!

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