Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: October 9th

I'm out of it today.    This is a good time to get waffles or something, but I'm only hungry enough to eat a Granny Smith Green apple.

It's tough to find the right apples out there.   Most of the time when you're at the store, it's possible to get the soggy mushy apples.  Red Delicious apples are the worst offender.   When you get the best apples... crisp and juicy, not bitter, it's a wonderful fruit.  Yet, it seems to happen infrequently enough that I avoid apples most of the year.   In a time like this, the last three months of the year, where Grapes and Peaches and Strawberries go out of season, apples and oranges become your go-to fruits.  

I didn't have time to write about it on Monday, but on Saturday night (this gives you an idea how lame my life is) I wanted to get a jump on grocery shopping at midnight.   I can't even remember what I was doing beforehand OH!  Yes, I was in K-Town for the El Flamin Taco Truck, which was, by the way, very good.

And then on the way home, I thought about getting groceries so I wouldn't have to wake up that early tomorrow morning.  PLUS, I knew that the Ralphs deli would not open until 11am which couldn't work for my schedule with the NFL games on.   I was stuck -- where was I going to get my sandwich meat and cheese?   Then I remembered Izzy's Deli on Wilshire Blvd in Santa Monica.   It's a 24 hour deli, so I went for some roast beef and cheddar and boy did they deliver.   Not only did they hook it up in the wee hours, but the  quality of this stuff was wonderful.  Then, I went back to Ralphs for the other groceries and returned home.

I'm not going to do that again, but Izzys was just the best that night.  In fact, now I feel bad for not tipping the meat slicer.  I'm not sure what the convention is for standalone delis, but tipping a dollar wouldn't have killed me.  Next time out I'll remember to tip two dollars.

On a semi-related note:  Why in the heck is Roast Beef so expensive?  In many places it goes for 12-14 dollars a pound.   It's delicious meat, but it's nearly 5 dollars more than comparable ham and turkey.  Go figure.

On yet another semi related note: my plea for beef was answered last night after the podcast with that same roast beef which was still in my fridge.   Took a slice, then took a slice of cheddar, no bread.   It was wonderful.

Sports... Jets hung in there last night, and they should get tons of credit for that.    Not much else to say, although it was obvious Houston did not have its A-game last night.

Baseball...   I hope the Reds can put away the Giants today at Great American Ballpark.   I don't think it happens though -- the Giants have too much heart so I think they'll make it interesting.

That's all I have.  Catch you all later on..

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