Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: October 25th

October is easily the most exciting month in sports in most years.  This year, it's a little different.  The primary problem is twofold:  No NHL hockey to bridge the gaps between big NFL/MLB games, and too many blowouts in the postseason.

The Giants' postseason so far has been very weird.   When they win, the games are unfathomably decisive 4, 5, maybe even 6 run victories.   They finished an NLCS Comeback where they also held the Cardinals to a single run while scoring about 18 in a three game span.   The Giants are a strange team to figure out.

Last night, it looked like Justin Verlander, Tigers Starter, had them.  Instead, the Giants beat him around like a rag doll, and the biggest offender was the pudgy one, Pablo Sandoval.  Can you believe Sandoval hit three home runs last night in a pitchers park in the middle of October?   A historic night for a good kid... a fat kid, but a good one.

Yuck... the Giants are ahead in the series 1-0.   The Tigers will be back, but you can see many reasons to worry if you're  a Tigers fan.  I will say no more as many folks have money and emotions invested in the Giants.

I'll be up front: if I wasn't a Dodgers fan I'd rather enjoy the Giants and their roster.  This is a fun baseball team to watch.  They're a bunch of good guys and basically no big egos.   Everything they do, and the way they play, grinding out at bats, taking the extra base, playing good defense, is exactly what we stand for in the National League.  Seriously the *only* thing that makes me root against them is that they happen to be a division rival.

Speaking of BOTH the Dodgers and Giants, last night's Survivor has been a triumph for former MLB player Jeff Kent.   I have no idea where it came from, but he has been a genial, helpful, team player on the Survivor TV show.   Anyone who's familiar with his clubhouse antics and sour demeanor over the years would be surprised to see this.  Maybe Kent kept all his attitude confined to the baseball field.   In any case, it's terrific.   I won't spoil the episode, but the person voted off the island last night completely deserved it.  Perhaps the circumstances to how it came about were shady but is anyone surprised?  They shouldn't be.    I had that pegged half way through the hour.

At last a good meal last night.  The Chorizo and Cheese Burrito was terrific.   I got it from Tacos Por Favor, and one other item that I *love* there is their salsa.  They only have two types of salsa:  a green roasted salsa and a red roasted salsa.   The flavor and texture of both is off the charts.  My mistake was taking too little salsa home with me.  I had half a bag of chips left over when I finished the salsa.

I came this close to getting frozen yogurt but I changed my mind and settled for soft drinks.   It got very windy here in L.A.   This is usually what happens in the fall, but it was a trip to finally see it for the first time.

Don't you love going to bed, then waking up in the morning with the cold air but the warm covers around you?  The context of warm bed against cold weather is something I live for.   Then, there are those rare mornings where you don't have to go to work afterward.   I love it.

It's been a long, drab week, but I'm glad it's coming close to an end.   

I had been on an unintentional SongPop hiatus, but I am BACK.. baby!

That's all I have.  I'm out of time.  Catch you all soon.

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