Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: Cowboys/Giants

Dave's (BLAM!)
LOCKS (clunk)
of the Week (whrrrrrrrr...)

This week in the NFL:  Cowboys vs Giants.  It's the Monday Sunday Thursday   Wednesday Night Game Opener!  I don't know what the point spread is, and I didn't bother to check, but I have a very good feeling about the Cowboys.  I have the Cowboys winning straight up, even on the road at NYG.   The Cowboys have a superior game as of the second.   The Giants no longer have the depth they used to at Running Back, although they drafted David Wilson to replace some of that depth behind Ahmad Bradshaw.

Even so, it's not enough.   First of all, you can never count on the Giants to bring their A-effort when they're expected to.   I've often seen them play flat in their first few games of the year.  I remember a game at Giants Stadium against Washington that the Giants could not put away.  That's just the kind of team they are.

With rain expected in the forecast, that will cut down the passing game for both teams, thus making the RB position a priority.   DeMarco Murray and co. are the better running backs in this game, and they belong to the Cowboys.  Cowboys will go in with a lot to prove.  I like the Cowboys -- straight up, winner of the NFL Opener.

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