Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Week: September 20th

I'm disappointed in my studio system this week.   I did some research after the DITC Podcast ( to see what the problem was.   I think what happened was that the skype upgrade made it more difficult for my slow computer to process the phone call to blogtalkradio.   Because of the extra time it takes to process, the audio delays were inevitable.

There might be a more efficient way to address the issue, but the revurb was decisively more constant after the upgrade to Skype Version 5.0.  I'd like to downgrade back to Version 4 to see if anything improves.  Ultimately, I will need to upgrade my computer so that it can process audio much faster with minimal delays.  I'm sad to say that, because I've had my current minitower machine since 2003.  It's been through a lot of good times and bad... but it's been a trooper.

It might make sense to run skype through the laptop but to do that I need to patch the audio from my desktop computer into the laptop.  Otherwise, all you would hear is my voice, and not the music or the sound effects.   I'll keep looking into this over the weekend.

I'm not looking forward to next week.   That's when the fall quarter starts in the UC System.  Everyone will be back: students, faculty, staffers, and the campus will be a mess.  It's easily the busiest week of the year.  Slowly each week gets less and less busy until December when finally the workflow is manageable.   I'll be counting down the days.

What I really want to do is get a university job that doesn't directly work with students nor faculty, similar to my last job as Systems Administrator at UCSB.   MAYBE that could work, but there are perks to meeting so many people in my current gig.

In fact, I felt like moving back to Santa Barbara altogether at certain times this month.  It wasn't as exciting as LA, and obviously I don't miss it enough to visit on a regular basis.  BUT, it was a much more laid back lifestyle, and I do miss it.   I have it good in Los Angeles, there is a lot for me here, and there's tons to do, and wonderful places to eat.   It's just busy.  More people, more cars, more traffic, more stress.  More of everything, good and bad.

I swear I addressed all my emails last night and I still have 27 messages in my inbox.   What a disastah.

I don't have the heart to tell a friend of mine that the carnitas tacos I tried at Taco Plus last night weren't as good as the carnitas tacos from Chipotle.

I don't even feel like talking about sports today.  Obviously a tremendous weekend ahead, but I'm more looking forward to the time off.   Sleep.  Coffee.  Breakfast Burritos.  Laundry and then Buffalo Wild Wings later when I *will* be so psyched for those College Football Night games.

As for the Giants/Panthers game... it should be a good one.   I'll leave it to my Giants fan friends to discuss the particulars at

Anyone intrigued by the new Clint Eastwood movie "Trouble with the Curve?"   I keep thinking Amy Adams' character is Jenna Fischer.

Ah well... I'll try again next time.  Catch you all tomorrow.

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