Friday, September 14, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Week: September 14th

Slightly angrier tone to the thoughts of the day today, bear with me folks:

I'm doing this blog.   I don't care if people want a half a dozen computers ordered a half year ahead of time, or if anyone wants to reinstall a hard drive and windows and all the drivers on it, or if I need to process a new account with only one day of advance notice.  I don't care what people are throwing at me, I WILL DO THIS BLOG, baby.

Sometimes the will to do something goes a long way towards success.  That's true in anything, and that's precisely why I'm so upset at the Dodgers lately.  They have no will to do anything.  The only unit that stepped up so far is the pitching.  Ever since those Red Sox jokers joined the team its been nothing but misery.    I wouldn't say merely karma, it's that this trio of misfits: Gonzalez/Beckett/Crawford have been bad seeds for a few years with the Sox.   I don't think it's a coincidence that most of the character of this team was destroyed when those same bad seeds arrived in L.A..  I was simply unaware of just HOW bad they brought down the morale of the Red Sox.

I haven't even had breakfast yet!  This morning has been a disaster.   There are parts to being an I.T. guy that can be frustrating... the moaning and groaning comes all at once, it seems.  The toughest part is getting through all that and maintaining professionalism all the while.   It's hard to do initially but you can hang once you get the experience.

Ok... don't tell anyone, well ok, it might be too late because I'm posting this, but I got an invitation to attend a Wheel of Fortune Audition.  Should I do it??

May I also broach the frustration with Jay Cutler?  He's such a boob... this is exactly why I don't trust the Bears to go to the Super Bowl: Cutler can't handle adversity.  He can't handle it at all!  He gets good pressure from the Packers all night and then throws cookies to Packers defenders.  I don't know the actual number of INTs he had but he COULD HAVE thrown as many as seven picks last night.  He was *awful!*

Just as upsetting as the Dodgers of late is that the Phillies are stepping in to possibly take a Wild Card spot.  This is why baseball is so unfair... they have been a terrible team all season long and just because they get hot at the end they make the playoffs?  I grant you I have been anti-Phillies for a while now, but that's just out of whack to me.  

I'm also livid that two dopey stunt dogs won America's Got Talent last night.  THAT IS AN OUTRAGE!  We have failed, America.   We can't even nominate a clear winner like Harp Dude William Close, who electrified audiences with his mastery of the harp and the theater, turning a performance hall INTO an intstrument, doing it with style.  He didn't even make it into the final two spots.  He was eliminated and finished in 3rd place.  As I said yesterday, I take some blame too because I forgot to vote for Close the previous evening.   America's Got Boneheads, fellas.

Potatoes... that is my new verbiage for boneheads.   Ya know?  Because potatoes aren't terribly smart... and they aren't terribly useful or versatile.  You can make:  baked potatoes... mashed potatoes... and french fries..  I will probably throw in hashed browns and potatoes au gratin.  And then possibly Tater Tots... but Potatoes are just not very inventive veggies, so between veggies they are the most dense of the lot.

Friends, have a wonderful weekend!  I'll pick it back up on Monday.

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