Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 4th.

More thoughts of the day to start the month of September.  Enjoy!

I still can't believe I drafted two kickers last night in my fantasy draft.   I'm really starting to worry about my short term memory.  I hope it's not something serious like early Alzheimers or Cerebral Palsy.  Or maybe it's something less serious like ADD.

Maybe it's just me, but when you drink a lot of Diet Coke does it screw around with your brain?   In the mid 2000's I drank nothing but diet soda all the time -- every day for over two years.   I was having the worst time remembering anything or keeping anything straight.   Then I went cold turkey and gave up soda altogether.  It was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.  Coincidence?  Maybe, but I eventually started drinking non-diet soda again  on an occasional basis.

You wanna screw with my brain, slice my roast beef using an automatic slicer.  I saw one for the first time on Sunday and it nearly pissed me off.  The lady who did it was not at fault.  I just don't like the idea of a machine rapidly moving the roast beef back and forth at a high rate of speed mangling slices to oblivion.  Instead of a dozen neatly sliced juicy pieces of Premium Roast beef, I got 2000 shards of beef.  It was ridiculous!  My sandwiches are all out of whack now.

I got lectured by another deli counter guy once about ordering cheese before the meat.  He got upset because I ordered the roast beef before the cheese, which I always did, and he had only one slicer.  First of all, I was not paying attention to the "slicer status" behind the counter.  Give me a break.  Secondly, I don't see any signs that indicate "ordering protocol."  Reminds me of baseball's unwritten rules.   In any case, for those of you reading, is it true you have to order cheese before meat?  Logically I can see that, at least.   Cheese is easier to clean than meat.  But frankly you should just spend the extra 500 bucks and get two working slicers.   NOTE: I now always order cheese before meat, so as to not piss off would-be deli nazis out there.

NFL Football begins tomorrow!  More on this tomorrow, but a programming note:  Not DITC podcast tomorrow night.  Instead we'll pick it up on Thursday night to recap the Cowboys/Giants game and more NFL Week 1 previews.  Junk Man aka Kevin on the Cape should be in for this one, if his phone is willing.

The Yankees in panic is pretty delicious.    One game between them and the Orioles.  Even so, I'm not at all worried about NYY missing the playoffs.   That's too talented a team to miss out.  I thought they had a number of flaws:  Questionable starting pitchers, terrible situational hitting, guys who swung for the fences too much.  Most of that is coming to roost.  Ever notice that the Yankees appear to be mediocre in close games?  Contrast that to the San Francisco Giants who are quite seasoned in close games and in many cases pull out the win.  BUT... the Yanks will hang on.   They can't play .200 baseball forever.

McKayla Maroney/Gabby Douglas/Kyla Ross  all threw out the first pitch at last night's Dodger game and there was no buzz about it at all on Social Media.  #themediaisnotimpressed

More tomorrow!

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