Friday, September 21, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 21st

Fall is officially here, with the Fall Solstice taking place yesterday.  I can start to feel the autumn air, which means it's cooler during the mornings.  It's a good feeling.  Now I'm going to see how long I can keep gutting out a short sleeved shirt before I'm forced to wear jackets again.  I think I have another month!

Every year, the Kings usually play the Avalanche at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in a preseason game.  It's called the "Frozen Fury" and it's been going on for over 20 years.   Kings fans make a huge event out of it, coming out in droves and then gambling afterwards.  NOW, because of the lockout, the Frozen Fury is cancelled.  The NHL and NHLPA really need to get their act together.

I've already said so much about the Giants' game last night on FB, but you watch: that team is losing to the Eagles next week.  If we've learned anything about the Tom Coughlin Giants, it's that they never win when you expect them to.  I imagine many experts will expect them to beat the Eagles, which is exactly why they'll play their worst game of the month.

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Our staff Keruig machine at Main Office HQ now has a box of Starbucks Pike Roast K-Cups.  Do the dance!

Double coffee all the way across the sky.  Yeah, yeaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, so intense.

Well, sports fans, we have a new entry into the "Great Taco Search."  A friend of mine loves this taco truck in K-Town that serves up a HUGE rotating batch of Al Pastor, and the Al Pastor tacos there are fantastic, so they say.  It's at Vermont and... about 5th street.   Everything about this place sounds like a winner except the unfortunate name:  El Flamin Taco.

Why are people acting like the Dodgers are competing for a Wild Card spot?  They haven't competed for @#$! since the Red Sox trade.    If you lose or tie every single series for a month (that's not an exaggeration, look at the schedule... 7 straight series without a win), you're not competing, you're a joke.

I suggested on twitter a fairly radical idea for the Dodgers next year:  dump every starting position player except Kemp, Ethier, Cruz, and Ramirez.   That's practical lunacy when you consider the whole Red Sox trade was designed to get Adrian Gonzalez... but you talk about a guy who can't handle the big spot light -- he hasn't hit a single home run since his debut on August 25th.  That is a disgrace!!  He's still a wonderful ballplayer, but imho he doesn't seem to be a good fit on the Dodgers.  Lesson learned.

As a matter of fact, lately I've lost a lot of interest in baseball this month.   I think it's safe to say all the playoff spots are as good as locked.  The only item in question is the battle between the two AL Wild Card spots, but the odds are pretty good the Orioles and A's will both find a way into the playoffs.  The only item left to decide is who gets the higher of the two wild card seeds.

Lastly, I want to wish Miguel Cabrera the best of luck in chasing the Triple Crown.  I really have my doubts but if anyone was going to win it, I would LOVE for it to be Matt Kemp, but if not Kempsie, Cabrera is a great second choice.  He's leading the AL in average, leading in RBI's, and second to Josh Hamilton in HR's. 

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