Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 6th

I'm running behind this morning, so a few quick ones for your Thursday...

HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS?!?!?!   Did you all see the big improvements at corner with Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr?  Even on completions, both corners did not allow much else, i.e. missed tackles.  Their ability to handle the zone or man to man was impressive.  It's just one game, so I may be over-reacting, but I was impressed.

Let me address another thing:  If you think that Ahmad Bradshaw is good enough to be a primary running back you are silly!   Even last night compared to Dallas RB DeMarco Murray, Murray has way more talent than that guy.    Bradshaw has decent speed, but his moves are as predictable as Evan Roberts' pick up lines at the bar.   Fortunately, I imagine the Giants will again try the platoon, but it worked a lot better with Jacobs as their #1 and Bradshaw as the #2.

The Giants are fine.   As predicted, they came out flat and seemingly unprepared, but many years this is how the Giants football season starts.   I think last night's game said more about the improvements for the Cowboys than any real or perceived flaws with the Giants.  If anything, the Giants played as they always do: never consistently.  Eli Manning was not sharp but you can bet he'll be better as the year goes along.  If there was one thing I'd be worried about as a Giants fan, it would be Cruz's numerous dropped passes.   Worrisome, but perhaps it was just a momentary lapse for the Salsa Man.

Dodgers:  put a fork in em.... GOOD NIGHT NOW.   Even with the Giants losing the series against Arizona, the Dodgers could not do anything to capitalize.  More than anything, the Padres need to get some credit:  they've improved a lot since the All Star Break and are playing good baseball -- good defense, timely hitting from the likes of Chase Headley and others, and frankly, decent pitching all around.  This weekend, three straight games vs the Giants, but the division race is as good as over.   With a 4.5 game division deficit, the Dodgers would have to sweep the whole series to have any shot at all.

I worry a little bit about the rising cost of pizza prices.   It's true that they say the price of gasoline affects prices of other things.   Last night, I got a one topping pizza at DiVitas for me and my buddy and the thing cost over 18 bucks.   If it was an 18" pizza that's perfectly fine, but it's only a 16" pie.   I *know* the pizza used to not cost that much, and I give DiVita's credit for hanging on  to their low price for a while but now they too have bumped up their prices.

Saturday. my Pop and I, and his friends, are going on a five hour hike at "Boney Mountain."  The trail starts over in Newbury Park and then finishes somewhere near Malibu at about the top of the mountain.  I haven't done a hike in a long while but I'll be ready to go.  I look forward to it.

I probably should have made this a LOCK too but Pit has no chance at Denver.  Zero.  The Steelers struggle in Denver anyway, historically, and as usual Safety Ryan Clark will sit out due to a Sickle Cell condition that is affected by high altitude.    Furthermore, Peyton Manning has usually struggled against the Steelers but it has been literally four years since he played them at quarterback.  In fact, I remember the last meeting:  I was at a Westlake Village BJ's Brewhouse (it's near Thousand Oaks, and I lived in Santa Barbara at the time), watching with the Drew Dawg (aka Andrew Jacobsen).   What annoyed me was that B.J.'s refused to play the game broadcast audio... so here we were watching the Steelers get upset by the Colts at home on a Sunday afternoon while we heard the "dolcet tones" of Nickelback on the speakers.  Just one miserable experience.  Yes, the Colts won 24-20.

I need a DVD Recorder.  The one I have broke a few months ago... and I can't afford a new one yet.   Until I do, hours and hours of LA Kings Playoff games will sit on the DVR in danger of getting deleted.   Bummer.

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