Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 5th

Wednesday's Thoughts of the day.  Enjoy, folks...

It's been a while since you could cite one guy for a loss in the Dodger season.  I remember Jansen's bonehead flub against the Padres a few weeks ago.  Last night, the man was Dodger Reliever Matt Guerrier.   In hindsight, that makes me less upset about the game, because I know it was only him who gave up a 2 run home run in the *eighth* inning to a terrible Padres hitter.  The Dodgers were fortunate that the Giants lost their game, but the whole thing is just a tease anyway.  With all that said, I thought the Dodgers played pretty well last night, so I was mostly satisfied.

Why oh WHY can't the Yankees/Rays game tonight be a day game??  Boy would I love to see the Yankees squirm again like they did last night.  Having to switch between that and the Cowboys/Giants game is a drag.  Just as well, the Yankees will win in a blowout anyway.

Bratwursts...........   so terrible for you, yet so good.  I had two of them last night, and they weren't that many calories (about 600 for two), but when almost all of the calories are from fat you feel it the next day.

Missed swim this morning, which further compounds the bratwurst problem.    I gotta make up that swim somehow.   Swim vs sleep is the constant battle.   Today sleep won.

Like a lot of people in America, I'm on a mission to get to 5 stars in numerous categories in the SongPop game.   Players begin with "1 star" knowledge in every category, and as you guess a few songs in a row, you can build towards additional stars.  With each new star you get new songs to guess within a genre.   The best players will have 4 or 5 stars in various categories, although right now I have not played anyone who had 5 stars in any genre so far.

One more note -- no Dave in the City Podcast tonight.  We'll be watching the NFL game with the rest of you.  We're back tomorrow with the Junk Man and the rest to recap all the football.  Here's a preview:

That's really all I got.   Enjoy the game tonight!

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