Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 26th

I've got a baaaaaad feeling replacement officials are not going anywhere.  It might be another 3 weeks before the regular guys come back.   Is this as bad as replacement officiating gets?   I can't imagine it getting w o r s e.

Yesterday I sampled some more music from Duran Duran.   It's remarkable, but Duran Duran really only lasted until 1983 and then the group broke up and went their separate ways, effectively, for the rest of the 80's.   I THINK some of them came back with a different lineup but more or less the Duran Duran everybody knows, i.e. the lineup that had all the big hits, were a four year wonder.

Having said that, Duran Duran was big time from the get-go.  Right out of the box:  Girls on Film and Planet Earth??   I will be honest:  I thought of them as a group with more fluff than substance, but listening to their records 30 years later, they put out some pretty beefy music.   Rio, most likely, is their best album, but that depends on one's opinion.

Can Willow go into a corner and kick herself?  We get it... you wear your hair "back and forth" x 1 million.

HOOOLY MACKEREL are the College Football games scheduled this weekend horrible!   It's not their fault but the NCAA did a miserable job putting all these filler games on this week  on the same weekend that L.A. is scheduling Carmageddon II (i.e. the mother of all traffic closures on the 405 freeway).  I think I'll go check out a few movies... I guess.

The NFL isn't much better.   My buddy John in CT is right: the only really interesting game is Giants/Eagles, and as I said yesterday, I would bet every dollar in my pocket that the Eagles win this one.   It's always when you start to feel comfortable about the Giants when they throw a HUGE letdown game and play the worst game of the month.  Sunday night will be that game.

My hope is that traffic going across the 405 freeway and along surface roads won't be gridlock on Saturday.   If that is the case, the lane is wide open to try Mozza Pizzeria on Melrose.  Everybody talks about this place and I would be in on this big time, especially if I could try the Sausage with Fennel pizza.

It's surprising how good a simple ham and cheese sandwich is.   To be fair, the "ham" is Boar's Head Black Forest Ham and the "cheese" is Boar's Head Jack with Jalepeno.

Friends, there is one month left until Halloween.   Any costumes you have in mind?

One last note -- don't bother with Isla Vista/UCSB for Halloween.  Many have said it's overrated and I am among them.   Big crowds, big mess, big number of arrests.  

That's all I have... not much material today, we'll try to do it again next time.  Catch you all soon!

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