Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 27th

Yesterday in the mail I got a letter from the Santa Monica Parking Division, or whatever their office is called.   They offered me a "full explanation" for why I got my bogus parking ticket way back in 2009.   I remember that day well my friends.  I parked downtown, ran out of quarters, ran to a store for literally 3 minutes to get change, came back, and some jackass writes up a ticket.  HOW BOGUS IS THIS?!  and on a Sunday!  Many places don't even bother with parking enforcement on a Sunday (like those signs that say "No Parking - x time to y time [except Sunday]).  In any case, I paid up but maybe I should make these jokers do some work and request a full written explanation.  Serves them right.

Interesting side note from that sequence:  that was the same day the Dolphins gave up an enormous lead to the Saints at home, and I followed that most of the way.  Here on this blog, I was very confident about the Dolphins covering a huge point spread, in fact, I think it was +9.   The Dolphins not only blew the lead but eventually blew the cover.    On the podcast the next day I moaned all about it:

My meals for the last three days have been exactly the same, give or take a snack:  apple for breakfast, ham and cheese sandwich for lunch, linguine with marinara and hot italian sausage for dinner.  It sounds boring, but the food has been terrific, and the cash savings will serve me well.  I paid about 25 dollars for five complete days of breakfast-lunch-dinner.  Sometimes it's frustrating to not eat anything else for a meal but I'm proud to have saved upwards of 25 maybe 40 dollars in meals.  Just as well, I'm meeting friends tonight and will spend roughly that much in one shot.

There are all sorts of reports of falling gasoline prices.  The stupid Shell station by my apartment didn't get the memo.

They say to give "The Counter", a custom hamburger restaurant here in LA, another chance. Very well, friends, with a lame college football schedule on Saturday I will consider that second chance.

The A's are a pretty good baseball team, so I think.  The only thing is, there's almost no name brand value at all.  Makes me wonder if they might face the same fate as the Nationals: lack of experience leading to a quick playoff exit.  One thing that's constant though -- their pitching staff is tremendous.  Almost every starter has a 3 ERA and a 1.2 WHIP.  Very impressive.  They also have done a good job shutting down teams like the Yankees and Rangers.  All of these are positive signs for the A's.  This assumes they *make* the playoffs, but there's a shot at it with 2 games of distance between them and the Angels for a Wild Card.

That's all for the moment.  Enjoy your Thursday!

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