Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 12th

New thoughts of the day, here we go...

What a mess!  Last night I felt awful... as if I had a big fever or something lousy, because all I could do was lie down for most of the night.  I didn't get to play SongPop.  I didn't get to go on message boards much.  I just lied there.   Then, at 9:30, I went to sleep.  

The next day, I still felt like a wreck, so I slept as much as I could until about 5:30 am.   Then, as I was getting ready I felt better.   Now, I feel pretty good.  I hope it stays that way.  I honestly have no idea what I had... maybe a sort of stomach virus?

I blame the orange juice.  Months ago, I started to get the shakes and had to go to urgent care and I remember drinking orange juice just before it happened.  Yesterday I had orange juice and then started to feel out of it.   Then again, I had orange juice the day before that and I was fine.  We'll never truly know.

Welcome to the ACC, Notre Dame.   I think what it shows is that the Big East is a sinking ship.  I was intrigued at Notre Dame's football obligation to play five ACC teams a year.  Yet, they claim they're "independent."  How can you be independent and still play ACC teams at the same time?  

I'm not a fan of the new super-conferences.   What in hell is "coastal" about South Bend, IN or Syracuse, NY for the Atlantic COAST Conference?  The charm of the region for each conference is dying...   Oh but it's all in the name of football and money!  MONEY!  FOOTBALL!  

I have watched my last Dodgers game of the season.  Talk about quitting -- I grant you Ian Kennedy is a good pitcher but to not be able to put up ONE run last night says it all.  The Giants are now up 6 games in the NL West, and I could care less about the Wild Card race.   I'm done.    I'll focus on the remaining MLB races for the rest of the season.

I'm in the mood for some Chicago Style pizza, but I know for a fact that's bad for you.   REALLY bad for you.  ...but it tastes so good!

Is it safe to say the Bears/Packers game is a must win for Green Bay?  0-2 is not insurmountable but that would be extremely difficult when you factor in that the loss is a divisional loss.   I'm really looking forward to this one.

I got some good ribbing from some buddies at swim today when I showed them my lunch: a nectarine and a sandwich.   They're like "won't you get hungry??"  You know?  I do sometimes, especially after a swim, but I've managed this light diet for a few weeks now.  I didn't have the heart to tell them that the nectarine was designated for breakfast.

Interestingly a debate raged in the locker room:  who has the best deli?   One guy said Langer's was garbage and I vehemently disagreed... HOWEVER, I should have realized he probably evaluated the entirety of the deli, not just the Pastrami.  The Pastrami is second to none, but everything else is mediocre to flat out bad.   I'll have to offer that concession the next time I hit the locker room after swim.

But in any case!   Which is the best deli in LA?  I think you could make an argument for Nate 'n Al's in Beverly Hills, doncha think?   Seems like they have it all covered.   Pretty much any sandwich there is a winner.  Feel free to comment below with your choice.

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