Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 25th

The Packers/Seahawks game last night is THE story in the sports media today.   It's probably the story in other media too.   Boy was that a bad call... HORRENDOUS call.  Look at this photo and tell me if Seahawks WR Golden Tate made the catch.

..really??  Who would be so fool as to look at this and rule it a touchdown?   Then, to not have the kind of congregation that could overturn the call yields a terribly officiated outcome all the way around.  The Packers were  hosed.   It was as obvious as night and day.    How can anyone not feel bad for Packers fans today?   It was such a disgrace and this is what happens when the NFL cheaps out and goes into C-grade parts, i.e. the replacement officials.  It's literally ruining the enjoyment of the game.

I hate writing things that have already been written 1000 times in other places, but after a play like that, there's nothing else I can say.   That was atrocious.   Football fans deserve better, for what was otherwise a terrific Monday Night game.

I had always wondered if I could do a full podcast on literally one play, and then last night, it happened.  There was nothing else on my mind... I couldn't fathom how anyone could rule that a Tate reception.   Others this morning pointed out that there was ALSO a push-off by Tate, a blatant one, that was not called.  In either case, that should have been waved off.   Unbelievable.   Here's the podcast link, for reference: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/daveinthecity/2012/09/25/packers-seahawks-mnf-postgame-nfl-wk-3-recap-09-24-12

The show itself was pretty good except for two potatoes who called at the end talking about crapping on other people.   Prank callers are harder to fend off than I thought.   What's crazy is that it always starts off sounding like a legit caller and then BAM!   Prank.  I have more sympathy for overnight radio hosts now... how do you prepare for anything like that?  Keep spudding, America.

Things related to items other than football:  During the game last night, I prepared a pretty ambitious pasta meal.   In addition to the usual Linguine and Marinara sauce, courtesy of Barilla, I also added some ground hot italian sausage.  It was treMENDOUS.  I could post a picture, but the social media now frowns on pictures of food, so very well, I'll omit it.

Why in the hell do people find photos of food offensive?   I can't figure that one out.  "OH MY GOD HE POSTED A PICTURE OF A PIZZA!  WHAT AN IMBECILE."  Seriously?  This is an issue?  People really need to lighten up.

Things that give you confidence:  scoring a goal in sports, a kiss, and in my case this week, seeing a refrigerator full of food.  That made me feel good, fellas.

There are probably half a dozen stellar donut shops on the Westside of LA, and barely one, if that, stellar taco shop.   Things that don't make sense for $600, Alex.

I'll divulge it here publicly: I auditioned to be a contestant on "Wheel of Fortune" last week.  Very fun experience!   Played a few hours of mock wheel of fortune with other fun people, and it was a blast.  I recommend WOF auditions for anyone who lives near an audition site.  They have auditions in many big cities in America.  ..and Syracuse. #runs

That is the finish for now, more to come tomorrow.

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