Friday, September 28, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 28th

Here it is, everybody!  Carmageddon II.   Don't they say that sequels are never as good as the original?  I hope I can **make it** home tonight.   You can bet a lot of cars will try to jump the gun and hit the road before they close the 405 freeway between Route 101 and Route 10.  The on ramps to the 405 (especially nearby at Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards) will close at 7pm.  **7!!!!**   If I were to attempt to take a bus home at 5pm I would be screwed.  I thought of just walking striaght home all the way from campus.  It's a 3 mile walk so it's manageable... boy wouldn't that be fun to watch gridlocked traffic while you walk by and laugh at it?

The Pac 12 is an onion... it has many layers.   SC loses at Stanford.  Stanford loses at Washington.  UCLA celebrates with the champagne between the two games only to find THEMSELVES clipped by Oregon State.  So!  Who's winning this conference?  Right now the Oregon Ducks looks really good to win the Pac 12.  Really good.  It would help if they could play one road game though.  Seems like every week they're at Autzen.  This week -- they head to CenturyLinksys-whathaveyou Field to play Washington State.   The stadium, in Seattle, should be festive.  But the game -- hardly.   It's not one of the LOCKS, but Oregon will put WSU away.  

With all that in mind, I look forward to this weekend.  It appears that trips to Hollywood or Pasadena are out of the question.  Even Burbank or Glendale.  Instead I'll keep it here on the Westside, maybe tour a little of Santa Monica.  Last year, I went to Copa De Oro on Broadway by 3rd Street Promenade and it was a party!   Copa De Oro is a pretty swank, very nice singles bar.   Good times ahead.  Hopefully the 405 closure cuts out most of the out of towners.   3rd Street on a weekend with less tourists would be epic.

Ever have a joke on your mind and you wait and wait so long to write it or say it to someone and then you realize that because you took so long to write the joke it becomes pretty forced and then, not funny?   The best jokes in life come naturally... the more you have to think about it, the less funny it is.  

Who puts a poached egg on a pizza?   The weird ideas people think of these days.

Not a great NFL schedule coming up this weekend.  More than 6+ boring games on the schedule out of about 12 games on Sunday.

The White Sox are struggling are they not?  A week ago -- 3 games up on the Tigers.  Today -- 2 games back of the Tigers.   There's still a few games left over for Chicago but I wonder if there's panic in Chi-Town.

Similarly, is there panic with the Yankees being a game in front of Baltimore?  Let me be honest: why should there be panic?  Even if they lost the division they STILL get a wild card berth with a very realistic opportunity to win their Wild Card Play in game.  I don't follow -- what are Yankee fans so worried about?  The odds are pretty good that two weeks from now, the Yankees will still be playing baseball.

I'm glad the Steelers have a bye week.  They need a break.  Badly.  I'll just put it out there: this is a *miserable* team.  It's injuries, its an old defense, its a lot of things, but that team couldn't hold water in a sealed steel coffee mug.   To be fair, the passing offense is tremendous but Pit still can't run the ball, and everything else around them blows.  

That is all for this weekend.  Be careful driving out there!  --later.

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