Friday, September 7, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 7th

Happy Friday!  Here come my latest thoughts of the day...

When you live in California, small earthquakes don't scare you but they do become very annoying.   Last night at Midnight *another* earthquake woke me up!   This is now three overnight earthquakes in three consecutive weeks.  I mean come ON.   And if there's going to be an earthquake, can't it be earlier in the day so I can get some sleep?

I want to thank everyone who stayed with the Dave in the City Podcast last night.  We had technical issues with blogtalkradio's stream servers that kicked our program offline and played a 1 min techno song loop for its listeners.   The show was down for about an hour, between 7:30 PT and 8:20 PT, and once I sent a ticket to the BTR customer support team, the techs were *very* responsive.  I was impressed!   I've had a lot worse customer service in the past.  Great job by blogtalkradio last night.  For those of you who missed most of the show, catch full show on replay at:

WFAN was at MetLife Stadium two days ago to cover the Giants game.   Today, all of ESPN's radio shows are at MetLife for both USC/Syracuse and Bills/Jets.   Does anyone else want to do a remote from MetLife stadium?   Fox Sports Radio?  Maybe get John Feinstein and Doug Gottlieb out there to do their one minute CBS Sports Radio spots?   NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon maybe?  NY1?  Good Morning America?

Somebody on really put me in the mood for a Houston's Veggie Burger.  Who would have thought?!  Actually that man was "Sports Pope"... great dude, good friend.

America's Got Talent last night had a big surprise.  Some group of dopey 12 year olds were doing a cover of Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It," and a minute into the song TS's DEE SNIDER comes onto the stage to take over vocals.  What a thrill!   And even into his 50's or 60's, Dee's still got it!  He hit all the notes.

Cannot... wait... for part 2 of that Yankees/Orioles series.    Yankee fans in panic really amuses me.   Goes to show you that any fanbase can be subject to its adversity, even a charmed fanbase like the Yankees'.

Fans might be wondering how I could have fun with that while at the same time watch my Dodgers go down in flames.  It's a decent question.   I was upset, to be sure, at the Dodgers' lack of effort lately.  I also am very disappointed that they're choking in a big spot.   On the other hand, the expectations for the Dodgers were very sudden and hoisted on, perhaps unfairly, after the team threw a truck load of money into the roster, via trades, absorbed contracts, etc.   Nonetheless, the team had flaws and never truly did have any momentum this season.   The exception was those first two months when they built a 7 game lead with a lot of players who were in over their heads.   That lead came before any of the big names did:  Ramirez, Victorino, Beckett, Gonzalez, and Crawford.  By the time we hit the all star break, the Dodgers were only about a game and a half up on the rest of the division.  It felt like a mirage to me the whole time.  The chemistry with the team just isn't there.  I was mostly upset at the lack of effort, more than the losses themselves.   This week, I'm seeing better effort from the Dodgers, but I still think it won't be enough.

Let's face it, the Dodgers were running thin with depth to begin with and always had a tenuous grasp on the division.   What the Yankees are doing in the last month is a worse outcome IMHO.

That's all for now.  Have a good Friday everyone.

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