Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 19th

I'm on an all day staff retreat, or at least I'm scheduled for one, it depends on how I'm feeling in the morning, so in either case, the thoughts of the day will be posted a little early this time.

The Dodgers/Nationals game was postponed by rain last night.  Not even *weather* cares about the Dodgers any more.

Want to know what to do after an audition?  Go to Wendy's!  I'm serious.

Rangers pitching... you know?  After a good look at 'em Tuesday night at the Big A, I'm not convinced it's that good!  Dempster had some good starts, great even, with Texas, but I cannot for the life of me count on him to win a big postseason game.  It was four years ago, but remember his "effort" with the Cubs?   Good enough evidence for me!

I haven't had any real dreams lately.  I think there was one the other morning but I already forgot about it.  When I dream, the dreams are quite literal.  I remember one time dreaming that I got up and went to work.  Then I woke up and went to work.

It's still going to be Wednesday, but I cannot believe how excited I am for Clemson/Florida State.   Even if the game is a blowout I'm going to be mesmerized at all the talent on Clemson's side.  Here's the thing:  We've talked for months about how well FSU recruits, but I cannot for the life of me identify any individuals on their defense!  I looked!!  I was trying very hard to get some info on their defensive players, offensive players, *any* players, and I got zeros across the board.  The only recognizable name on that team right now is E.J. Manuel, their quarterback.  Is it just me, or are the other 59 or so guys on their roster overlooked in national media?

Then I saw this: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1336375-why-college-gameday-should-be-at-michigan-vs-notre-dame-not-clemson-vs-fsu

If you're seriously going to write a full article complaining that Notre Dame doesn't get ENOUGH attention you may need to re-evaluate the media.  Annnnnnd that article brings Bleacher Report credibility down to a nub.

I shouldn't even have to write this it's so obvious, but: there is absolutely NO chance that either Michigan or Notre Dame will be challenging for the National Championship any time this season.  However, the statement *does* ring true for either Clemson or Florida State, with the Seminoles in particular.  It might take a miracle improvement for Clemson's defense to make more serious waves.

Outdoor Grill in Culver:  I referenced it previously, and now others are spreading the good word.  This is a MUST for the weekend.   I'm on it like white on rice.

Would people complain about the term "White on Rice" as a racist comment now?  Knowing the PC Media of late, I wouldn't put it past them.

Ketchup... I was teasing this all week, but fast food restaurants now are so stingy with ketchup packets.  Order a whole basket of fries for your family and the jokers behind the counter give you two wimpy ketchup packets for all of them.  Does that make any sense at all?  Who would use just two packets for 9000 fries?  I feel like this is a local phenomenon, but if it's a coast to coast thing SHAME ON MCDONALDS AND ALL GREEDY COROPRATIONS.  These nutjobs make billions and billions of dollars and they're cheaping out on ketchup.   I hope to go into more detail on the podcast (if not tonight then down the road).

Here's a thought of the day, check out my previous post on Football Sleeves.  Highly recommended for those of you who follow the NFL.  That's all from here.

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