Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 11th

First off, I hope you get a chance to read my little September 11th retrospective, below.   Now on to my normal goofball thoughts of the day:

I'm so happy to have the freedom to post inane comments like this.  I'm so thankful to be able to write like this and not be persecuted or tortured for it, or banned, or that thing.

Ok, I *get it*.   Miami was a bad pick in a survival pool!  Hahahahahahahahaahaha

I have to help with Projector Maintenance today.  It doesn't take long but I don't look forward to it.  I think it's a half hour out of my day.

Effing Giants.  Do they want to win the division or not?  How does Vogelsong perform so badly last night at Colorado?   He needs to at least give his team a *chance* to win the game.  The Giants did their best to make up for Vogie's incompetence, but still fell short to Colorado 6-5.  That puts SF at 5 games up on the Dodgers.   Today both teams play their respective games.  The Giants really should win this one.  

Feels like a tacos night.  I know, again with the tacos?  I'll probably settle for pasta.

Boy were the Bungles a mirage.  Cincy lost by 9 million points at Baltimore last night, and I just never bought into them.   Many have speculated that Flacco looks improved, and I agree.   On the other hand, the Bungles gave him every available option to throw to, geez.

Why can't Mike Shanahan use ONE Running Back?   I can't stand these delicate geniuses who think they are bigger than the game and can use their "system" to mix and match guys.  I thought about that today as I picked up Alfred Morris on my fantasy team.   ...because we KNOW, Shanahan is equally capable of switching to a different guy because he *can.*  Never mind that Morris had a phenomenal game, no!  "I'll use a different guy because I feel like it."  Get bent, Shanny.

Teams that get a big moment and can't step up to the plate:  The Detroit Tigers are another one of them.

I don't think I ever came close to winning $1000 dollars in Blackjack or any card game.  I'm too much of a wimp.   I can only risk as much as 200 dollars at one time, and the only way you win big dollars is by investing big dollars.  I have never gone to a table with more than a $10 minimum bet.

Did I mention that Hold'em Poker is an extremely tedious game?   You would have to play for almost an hour before you are in position to win a hand.  Fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, blind, raise, all in, wiiiiinnnnn.   All the folding!

I have a lot more ideas, but I'm out of time.  Catch you all later on.

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Dave Medina said...

The only exception to Shanahan's "system" was when he played Terrell Davis full time. Davis had a HOF-pace career before injuries ended his career. Other than that, it's been all about him, that Shanahan.